Bespoke lamps & furniture made from childhood toys

Matrix Black lamp by Evil Robot Designs

Many of you have probably already spotted these intriguing lamps by Evil Robot Designs as they graced the pages of the September issue of Elle Decoration. It was whilst flipping through the most recent issue that I first spied them and I must admit it was love at first sight.

Super Red by EvilRobot Designs

 Evil Robot Designs is the brain child of EViL ED and Dan Robotic. For the past two years they have been working together to create a cohesive blend of stylish design and graphic art that reflects their unique styles.  Their adventurous approach to design and creativity has allowed them to build up a list of faithful clients who are looking for something different and unusual.

The dynamic duo creates bespoke furniture and lamps using childhood toys. When we grow up, the toys that we once loved so much often sadly end up in storage, forgotten and neglected. However, Evil Robot Designs have come up with a unique way of allowing our toys to accompany us on our journey into adulthood. They sculpt lamps and furniture from figurines and toys which are then painted and given a high gloss finish, capturing those happy childhood memories and allowing them to live on into the future.

White Witch Lamp by Evil Robot Designs

Inspired by pop culture, EViL ED and Dan Robotic also create bespoke pieces of up-cycled furniture. Using materials such as comics, toys and modern sleek perspex, they breathe life into previously unwanted furniture. Every piece is unique and can be custom made to order.

The Beast by Evil Robot Designs

Sinner's City by Evil Robot Designs

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