The BRÅKIG Collection from IKEA

BRÅKIG collection from IKEA

There really are some fantastic new designs coming out of IKEA right now. You may remember the Metod kitchen that I featured last week and this week it’s the turn of the new limited edition BRÅKIG Collection. BRÅKIG means rebellious in Swedish and the collection is the result of IKEA’s collaboration with ArtRebels, a Danish creative collective that brings together designers, film-makers and other artists from around the world. There are over 30 products in the new collection which is designed for people who have limited spaces and small budgets. The design features, materials and techniques used in the collection are heavily influenced by Danish design and a love of Copenhagen. What I love most about the BRÅKIG collection is the fact that it combines a number of key interior trends: geometrics, pastels and natural materials. What more could you ask for? But if you’re interested in investing in this bright and cheerful collection you’d better be quick as the limited editions collection is only available while stocks last. And if you need further convincing there is a great video about the collection below.

BRÅKIG 2014 plates from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 plates from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 plates from IKEA

BRÅKIG coffee cup and saucer from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 tray from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 stand for tray from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 pastel stools from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 chairs from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 chest of drawers from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 footstool from IKEA

BRÅKIG 2014 cushion covers from Ikea

BRÅKIG 2014 cushion covers from Ikea

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  • Ikea are definitely upping their game. Some nice design replica’s of Italian styles like the Moon, Snow & Drop’s,
    The colours are completely on trend with blush, cool blues and lime’s. These could’ve been on show in Milan. Lets hope the build quality keeps them looking that way.