Creative Kid’s Beds from Cuckooland

Childrens White Tree House by Cuckooland

Can you believe it’s November already? Nor can I! Where on earth has this year gone? It has passed me by at lightning speed and I have a feeling that now that I’m a mother it’s only going to get faster with every milestone that is celebrated. In just over a month, Matylda will be a year old and it seriously feels like yesterday that we were bringing her home from hospital and embarking on the petrifying journey of parenthood. Whilst the time has gone far too quickly for my liking and I often wish that I could just press pause and slow things down a little, I’m also looking forward to the stages that are yet to come. Matylda hasn’t even moved into the nursery that we decorated for her yet and I’m already starting to think of how I will redecorate it for her once she’s a bit older. I want it to be a space that is creative and inspiring and encourages her to have as much fun as possible. For me, a child’s bedroom should be somewhere that they love to spend time in and not somewhere that is just for sleeping or time out. To be honest, the woodland theme we have chosen for her room will definitely last a couple of years and we’ll probably just reinvent it a little as she gets older. One way I’ve been thinking of doing this is by getting her a really exciting and unusual bed, possibly one that doubles up as a fun play space or den. I love the idea of really creative kid’s beds. I’m not too fond of overly girly designs though so I wouldn’t be tempted by anything too pink or princess inspired. I prefer more gender neutral designs. Some of the most inspiring beds I’ve come across so far are available from a company called Cuckooland.

Childrens Tent Cabin Bed by Cuckooland

I love these designs and I think kids would have great fun not only sleeping in a treehouse, tent, cabin or caravan but also playing in them during the day. They would be great for role play activities don’t you think? I also love that tree bookcase below and if I had room in Matylda’s nursery I would definitely consider getting that for her as it would fit perfectly with the woodland theme.

Childrens Caravan Bed by Cuckooland

Hangout Cabin Bed from Cuckooland

Low Hut Childrens Bed from Cuckooland

There were a couple of other beds I spotted for boys which I thought were particularly fun. I really like the bright, colourful designs and the way that just just invite hours of fun using that good old imagination.

Boys Boat Bed from Cuckooland

Fire Truck Toddlers Bed from Cuckooland

Boys Pirate Bed from Cuckooland

What do you guys think? Do you love creative kid’s beds as much as I do?

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