Trend : ColourFutures 2015 Identifies Copper

It’s that time of year again when AkzoNobel presents ColourFutures 2015. Around about this time every year I really look forward to finding out what colour will be announced as Colour of the Year. In this short video clip, AkzoNobel explains how this year’s overriding trend invites you to find the magic in the everyday by exploring under-utilisized spaces as well as exploring our relationships with each other and our environment. The extensive research that AkzoNobel carried out has led to the identification of an orangey copper tone for 2015 that reflects all of the major trends identified for 2015. This has made me extremely excited as I am so deeply in love with copper at the moment. It’s got so bad that for the past two nights I have had trouble sleeping as I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could incorporate more copper into my own home. I will undoubtedly be posting more about copper in the coming months and I will definitely be exploring the choice of copper as Colour of the Year 2015 in more detail. For me personally, adding copper to my interiors will certainly help me to add a little more magic (and sparkle) to my everyday. What about you guys? How do you feel about copper in interiors?

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