Human furniture anyone?

Samal Design human chair
Human Chair by Samal Design

Fusing a futuristic and retro vision of design, which he calls ‘New-Retro-Futurism’, Paris based Belarusian designer Dzmitry Samal has some interest designs in his portfolio.

Speaking about his approach to design he says: “I think that the future of design is in our past experience and heritage combined with modern technologies. I’m a keeper of traditional creative approaches but with the very contemporary way of thinking and using technology.”

His Human Furniture Collection is inspired by the beauty and sensuality of the human form. It features a human chair, two variations of tables, a mirror and a human closet.

Samal design human table
Human Table by Samal Design

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  • Dear Stacey,
    I like to know:
    Is the Human Table under any law like copyright?
    (because I want to try making like this)