La Barrique Collection from Skypak


What may initially sound like a company specialising in jetpacks for atmospheric exploration, finds itself rooted in rustic reclaimed beauty, as Skypak delivers a wonderful new range that captures the aged feel of the brewery and ties it together with a modern chrome and glass finish.  La BARRIQUE Collection is a new range of products straight out of the industrial and mobile design world. These classic airplane trolleys, handcrafted in Germany, are delightful pieces with the main components being wood gathered from wine and whiskey barrels from the most revered distilleries around the globe. 


The stained wood is juxtaposed perfectly with the metallic touches and glass fronts to provide the perfect point where industrial meets rustic, and from the pictures released to promote this product, you can almost smell the deep, floral bouquets radiating from the reclaimed alcohol barrels. With products such as La BARRIQUE Whiskey and La BARRIQUE Jack Daniel’s, these modernised nods to the ancient art of distillation are the perfect touches for anyone with a taste for the odd tipple, accentuating stylised designs in kitchen settings, as well as adding a classy touch to any ‘Man Den’ worth its weight in hops.  A La BARRIQUE trolley also comes in a refrigerated model within the EU, so you can share in the delights of the Skypak design phenomenon with a chilled glass of your favourite wind-me-down.


This range is both visually alluring and a pleasure to all five senses and when I craft the gentleman’s club of my dreams, you best believe it’ll be kitted out with the fantastic new offerings from Skypak.

La-Barrique-Airplane-Trolley-Turn-Wine-Whiskey-Bar-Jack-Daniels La-Barrique-Airplane-Trolley-Turn-Cooler La Barrique Collection by Skypak

I’d love to hear from any male readers! Can you imagine this in your man cave? Let me know in the comments as always.

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