Review : Dormeo Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Dormeo memory foam mattress

A few weeks ago I started to feel a bit down as nighttime baby feeding was really starting to take its toll. A good night’s sleep was but a distant memory and deep sleep is something that continually evaded me. Don’t get me wrong, this is all part of being a new mother and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but just occasionally I can’t help longing for more than three consecutive hours of sleep. I know that day will come sooner than I realize but in the meantime an acute lack of sleep really can affect your ability to function on a day-to-day basis. So when I had the opportunity to review a deluxe memory foam mattress from Dormeo, an international bedding specialist, I simply had to accept the offer. It’s at this point I must admit that I had never actually heard of Dormeo before, but then again I can probably only name two bedding specialists as it’s not really something I have paid all that much attention to until now. I feel pretty ridiculous even saying that because we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed so surely this is the one piece of furniture that we should pay special attention to. Anyway, after a quick bit of research I learnt that Dormeo operates in 40 countries and has been around for about 10 years providing high quality Italian-made memory foam mattresses.

Most of the reviews I read on their website were pretty positive so I was looking forward to our mattress arriving. It didn’t take long before it turned up surprising both myself and my husband. We’d been expecting a delivery that was, well, mattress shaped, but to our astonishment what arrived was rather more tubular. Dormeo mattresses, we learnt, come vacuum-packed, and we were pretty happy they do as it made it much easier to move around the flat. Because of the fact that they come so tightly rolled though, you need to open them up and leave 12 hours before sleeping on them to allow them to inflate again. My husband reluctantly agreed to one more night’s sleep on our old mattress while we waited for our new Dormeo one to be fully ready.

dormeo-memory foam mattress cover


Once the necessary 12 hours had elapsed we were able to transfer the mattress to our bed and give it a proper test. On first impressions I was impressed with how it looked. As with all Dormeo memory foam mattresses it came with a cotton cover that offers hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust-mite protection. This is great for me as I have suffered from asthma since the age of seven, plus it’s also nice to know that the place where you spend so many hours is not only clean but also healthy. Beneath the special cotton cover you’ll find 4cm of memory foam. Of this, 2cm is sewn directly into the cover and then there is a further 2cm of memory foam to provide extra comfort. Beneath this is a layer of anti-allergic silicone fibre padding and then the final layer is made up of 16cms of Ecocell foam.

The memory foam reacts to your body’s temperature and adapts to your body’s shape to provide a greater level of weight-distributing support and comfort and to guarantee a better night’s sleep. The patented Ecocell core has a unique 3D open cell structure that allows for greater ventilation and prevents a build-up of heat and humidity on the sleep surface. In addition to this, the mattress has small air vents that supply extra fresh air to the mattress (and also help the mattress to fill with air once it has been unpacked from its vacuum wrapping).

dormeo-memory deluxe mattress annotated

I honestly had no idea that mattresses could be so complex. It’s just not really something I’ve thought about all that much. I just thought memory foam mattresses were regular foam with a layer of memory foam on top. I guess I’ve always just taken great sleep for granted, well until I got pregnant of course. It hadn’t really occurred to me what a difference a great mattress can make to the quality of your sleep. But I guess when you usually have no issues sleeping you just wouldn’t question it.

But when we first laid down on the Dormeo mattress it was immediately evident just how much better it was than our previous memory foam mattress. In fact, so much so that I started to question whether or not there had even been any memory foam in our previous memory foam mattress. Those 4cms really do make a huge difference to the comfort of the mattress. Within seconds our bodies had been enveloped in the mattress like it was giving us a calming and comforting hug. The surface of the mattress molded to cradle our bodies in the most supportive way and we felt like we were lying on a cloud. What’s also great is that the memory foam is strong enough to provide support for the heavier areas of the body while retaining perfect memory. And I think that is what I noticed the most.

dormeo memory carbon deluxe mattress

Apparently the Deluxe mattress has a comfort grade of soft so it is most suited to those of us who like to sleep mainly on our stomach or side but prefer a softer mattress. I definitely prefer to sleep on my front or on my side so the added softness of this mattress is just perfect for me. I did notice though that it is not quite as comfortable when lying on my back but according to Dormeo a slightly firmer mattress is better for this particular sleeping position. Not that it matters as neither my husband nor I are big back sleepers, but just in case you are, I thought I’d mention it.

We’ve been sleeping on our new Dormeo mattress now for about three weeks. I didn’t want to write my review too soon as I really wanted to give it a good long trial run so that I could be sure that the comfort we were experiencing wasn’t just some kind of fluke. It was possible after all that the mattress just appeared super comfortable because our previous one wasn’t and that the novelty could wear off in time. But I’m delighted to report that this is not the case. Whilst I am still getting no more than three consecutive hours of sleep, the sleep that I do get has undoubtedly improved in quality. I used to be hyper aware of every movement I made in bed and never fully drifted off into a deep state of sleep. Now when I wake up to feed Matylda I have no recollection of the hours just past and I feel far more rested and rejuvenated…well as much as I can be in three hours I suppose. And how about my husband? Well he now falls asleep in record time each night. Before I even have a chance to turn over and snuggle down into the duvet I can tell from his breathing that he is already off in the land of nod where he will remain uninterrupted for at least six whole hours…not that I’m jealous or anything!

dormeo-memory deluxe mattress

So all in all I think it’s safe to say that we are delighted with the Dormeo Memory Deluxe. I just wish I had had this back when I first got pregnant as I’m sure I wouldn’t have had half the problems sleeping as I’ve had until now. But hopefully this review will at least help some of you avoid poor quality sleep. Just remember, a third of our lives!!! It’s worth investing in a decent mattress. And if you’re not totally convinced by my review then why not try out a Dormeo mattress for yourself. Dormeo even make the process risk free for you by offering a 60 night in-home trial so if for any reason you don’t love your new mattress you can return it for a full refund or a replacement.

UPDATE : I wrote this post in September 2014 and have had lots of comments and emails from people asking me how the mattress has fared after all this time. So far (February 2016) we have had no problem whatsoever with the mattress. The foam has not split or sagged and we are still happy with it. It is still extremely comfortable.

Disclosure: This post has been written in partnership with Dormeo who provided the product for us to review. However, all the opinions in this review are our own and we stress that we only collaborate with brands and companies that we genuinely like and believe that our readers will like too. 


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  • It’s first time I’m seeing this Dormeo company products but after reading your review Stacey on one of their mattresses I think I need to take a closer look at their products and try one of their mattress myself. The way you have written the review also played a big part in that :) I felt like I want to have one now and try it myself. Very good job.

    As you said in the article they offer a 60 nights trial in-home so this would be a great opportunity for me to try their product as I will be buying a new mattress very soon. Thank you.

    • I bought a HarmonyBed in 2015. Perfect and took my hip pain away within days of sleeping on it. But within two months, it started sagging on both my husband’s and my side. It got worse quickly after that. There’s a huge hump in the middle and where we sleep are dips where the mattress has lost its integrity. Makes me sad because I thought we’d hit the jackpot when we bought it. My hips now hurt, we don’t sleep well on it, and his shoulders and arms hurt while he lies in bed. He also rolls off his side bc of the slope. Yes, it’s that bad. I would not recommend this model. Big disappointment for a big price. I’m hoping the warranty will cover it.

      • Oh Quincy, I’m so sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience with this mattress. They are such personal thing and it’s really surprised me how different everyone’s experiences have been. I hope you can get something sorted with the warranty.

  • We recently purchased a Dormeo mattress, 2 weeks ago. very disappointed in this mattress, as it is way to firm. for the last week I’ve been sleeping on the couch. I just can’t seem to get comfortable on that mattress. I will be returning it for an exchange this coming weekend to Sleep Country. My advise to everyone out there is purchase a Casper or Endy instead. both companies offer a full refund policy and you will save a lot of $$$. I regret not purchasing a Casper or Endy. Now I am stuck with Sleep Country, hopefully I will find something equivalent that will accommodate my back issues.

    Very disappointed customer.


    • Hi Gus, I’m so sorry that you have had a bad experience with Dormeo. Obviously the firmness of the mattress is a very personal thing and no mattress manufacturer would find it easy to make a mattress that suits everyone. I hope that you have managed to find a mattress that accommodates your back issues and sorry that Dormeo wasn’t for you.

  • I just bought a Dormeo matress at Sleep Country just wondering how things are now with your mattress over one year later.


    • Hi Mario, I’ve actually had the mattress for over three years now and I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. No sagging or lumps. No splitting or problems with smell or getting too hot. I’ve been offered many other mattresses to try since this review but I’ve decided to stick with my Dormeo as it’s so comfortable!

  • Hi
    We purchased a Dormeo mattress about a month ago
    The smell is still very strong. Did you experience this?
    Do you know how long it takes for this to go away.

    • Hi Michele,

      The Dormeo mattress that I received never had a very strong smell to begin with, but I know that memory foam mattress do often smell. I hope that yours won’t smell for much longer. It might be worth contacting Dormeo for clarification on how long the smell should last.

    • Our mattress did not smell but it is horrible to sleep on , sags and has a hump in the middle. Have to pay another $1000 for new mattress because my husbands back is getting worse. Do not count on the 10 year warranty. I have no luck in getting any kind of resolution

  • hi, good review, how is the mattress holding up now, i have a memory foam one from another supplier and its sagging now in the middle after 5 years so just wanted to see how this one is now?
    also does it stay cool or can it get really hot in summer?

    • Hi Sam, glad you found the review helpful. I’ve actually had the mattress 2014 and I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. No sagging or lumps. No splitting or problems with smell or getting too hot. It’s just as comfortable as the day we got it. I’ve been very happy with it!

  • Hi Stacey,

    You mentioned in your review that “all Dormeo memory foam mattresses it came with a cotton cover that offers hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust-mite protection.” I have allergy with dust mite. Thus, if this feature is true for Dormeo mattress, it’s really helpful for me since I don’t need to spend additional money to buy an additional mattress cover from National Allergy Company. I plan to buy Dormeo püreLUX 12″ Ultracool Queen Memory Foam Mattress from Costco. But the product description on Costco website doesn’t specify this special feature of the mattress cover.

    If you have additional comments about the mattress cover, please let me know. Some of the review on Costco website stating that the Dormeo queen mattress is undersize by a few inches and the cover is so smooth and slippery that the sheets are slipped off constantly. Did you experience this issue? Please advise.

    Thank you for providing a thorough review of the Dormeo mattress. It definitely helps people who plan to buy this brand of mattress including me.

    Best regards,

    Tammy Nguyen

    • Hi Tammy

      Jim from Dormeo UK here. Whilst it’s correct that all mattresses in the Dormeo Memory range in the UK have sanitized antibacterial treatment, the Dormeo püreLUX 12″ Ultracool Queen Memory Foam Mattress is an exclusive mattress to Costco in the United States and may differ. To find out more information about this mattress it would be best to contact Costco or Dormeo US on 1-800-896-2802. Hope that helps.

  • On the advice of a surgeon to purchase a softer mattress re a painful arthritic hip I bought a Dormeo set in 2016, cost in the $2000 range and am now finding that I experience a level of extreme pain at night and wonder if the cause is a build up of heat re the foam cores which according to the sales person were supposed to vent. Has anyone else had a similar problem? On a senior’s limited income I cannot afford to replace this set. PN

    • Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and that you think it might be caused by your mattress. I can’t really comment on that as I don’t have any joint problems myself luckily. I have never found my Dormeo mattress to be particularly warm but then again I live in the UK where temperatures never really get that high so maybe that is a factor to bear in mind.

    • We bought a Dormeo mattress from Sleep Country 10 months ago. Worst purchase ever. The mattress sags and has a large hump in the middle. I am sure Sleep Country sold us a used mattress. Surely Dormeo mattress are not that terrible.
      VERY disappointed.

        • Many times and their 10 year warrenty in not worth the paper it is written on. Sleep country will not return my call. Buying new mattress and you can be it will not be from Sleep Country nor a Dormeo. Only have good lip service

  • Looking for a mattress for my disabled brother. He is very thin and remains in bed much of the day. My question is does this mattress allow for easy movement or do you find you have to work to move? As you said we spend a great deal of our lives in bed and for him even more so it’s very important that his mattress supports him but doesn’t restrict his limited movement.

    • Hi Ann, I have found the mattress really quite easy to move around on. Although it is very supportive and cradles your body, I haven’t found that it is so cushiony or soft that you sink too far in and moving or turning is a chore. I hope that helps and good luck finding a mattress for your brother.

    • Hi Michelyne, thanks for stopping by. I’ve had the mattress since early 2014 and I have to say it is still faring really well, just as good as the day I got it. I have no issue with the quality of the mattress and still find it incredibly comfortable to sleep on.

  • Hi Stacey- I am wondering if this mattressed smelled at all at first (off gassed) as many memory foam mattresses do…I just bought a different brand and am trying to exchange it for a new Dormeo as my Sealy smells so bad after a month of having it that I am getting headaches.
    Can you please comment if there was any chemical smell present when you opened this mattress and how long that may have lasted if present? thanks

    • Hi Meghan, I know this is something many people worry about but I can honestly say that there was not an overwhelming smell when we received our mattress. We didn’t have a problem with smell at all.

  • Just ordered one but worried now about heat and the fact that I am a figit. I am a bit menopausal so am worried I might get too hot. But I had to find a rolled mattress as unable to get mattress into loft where we sleep.i so Hope it’s going to be a success as I have toid with buying memory foam x wish me luck

    • Hi Rhonda, I wrote my review post just over a year ago and so far we have had no problem whatsoever with the mattress. The foam has not split or sagged and we are still happy with it. It is still extremely comfortable. Obviously I can’t comment on the experience of others but we have not had any problems.

    • Hi Denyse, I wrote my review post just over a year ago and so far we have had no problem whatsoever with the mattress. The foam has not split or sagged and we are still happy with it. It is still extremely comfortable. Obviously I can’t comment on the experience of others but we have not had any problems.

  • Thinking of buying and found this useful however would be interested in how the mattress is after longer period of time , thanks

  • Hi Stacey – I’m not sure when you wrote this blog, but was wondering if it’s been some time now, like 6 months or more, if you are still happy with the Dormeo mattress. My husband and I are considering the investment, but have seen a number of reviews stating that after 6 months, the mattress foam under the cover has split quite badly in the sleeping areas and that there is considerable sagging of the mattress. Has this been your experience? Thanks for your blog!!

    • Hi,
      I’m so sorry to read your comment and I apologise if you did not find my review helpful. I would really appreciate it if you could provide some constructive feedback on the kind of information you were expecting in a review so that i can improve them in the future.

    • How rude! I don’t think the review could have possibly been unhelpful to a normal, rational person. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Having only 3 hours sleep each time with new baby yet took the time to post a very informative review is much appreciated to most!

      • Thank you Mandy for coming to my defense. I really appreciate your comment. Obviously I try to make my reviews useful for anyone who might read them and any constructive feedback is welcome.

    • I assume you are referring to yourself p blanchet- as the review was the opposite, it was well written, concise and very helpful.