Pretty Pegs Table Legs

Pretty Pegs Table legs range

You may remember a post I wrote a while back all about a Swedish company called Pretty Pegs that makes shiny new “shoes” for your IKEA furniture allowing you to customize it and add a unique bit of flair to what is otherwise undeniably mainstream. If you haven’t read the original post you can do so here. But I wanted to write another post about Pretty Pegs today as the company has just released an exciting range of new products. Now, not only can you buy new “shoes” for your sofas and beds but you can also buy replacement legs for your tables.

Pretty Pegs Table Legs - Siri.Walnut

There are 15 different designs to choose from so that you can add a personal and unique style to table tops from many of the big furniture chains, not just IKEA. Or if you prefer something completely original you can use the Pretty Pegs table legs with your own custom made table top or to upcycle your existing table top. As we are seeing right now there is a huge trend towards personalising your home again. People are shying away from mass manufactured products in favour of more personal, customised furniture that has a story to tell and using Pretty Pegs is a sure fire way of creating something a little bit special and a little bit you, don’t you think?

Pretty Pegs Table Legs - Otto Black

Now everyone can easily create an individually designed table, tailored to particular measure[ment]s and rooms. There are infinite opportunities, you can pretty much peg any table top there is!

Pretty Pegs co-founder Jana Cagin.

Pretty Pegs Table Legs - Alfred Yellow

Pretty Pegs Table Legs - Estelle Black

Pretty Pegs Table Legs - Carl Petrol

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