Sculptural & Functional Home Storage Solutions

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Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates sculptural bedside tables.

Scultural metal shelving from Anne Linde provides functional home storage solutions

Since we bought our small two-bedroom flat, I have become a little bit too interested in storage. At the time our flat was plenty big enough for myself, my husband and our first child. Or so we thought. Children have a lot of stuff, an overwhelming amount of stuff. And now that we have added another child into the mix, we definitely do not have adequate home storage solutions.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal shelving provides a versatile wall hung unit ideal for use in a hallway.

The Showcase #01 shelving unit is skillfully formed from a single, bended piece of aluminum.

I am constantly annoyed by the lack of storage that is built into modern British homes. I actually feel like we are quite lucky in that respect as our flat has a built-in cupboard in both bedrooms. New builds pretty much have none. Where do they expect us to store our stuff? Where should we store the hoover, the mop and bucket, the ironing board for example, when there is no built-in storage?

So in the absence of built-in storage, homeowners and renters alike are left having to scour the internet for freestanding or wall-mountable storage to meet their needs. But if you are anything like me, you don’t want bog standard ordinary storage. You want beautiful yet functional home storage solutions. Something that isn’t dark and heavy and takes up too much visual space.

Danish Designer Anne Linde creates Sculptural and functional home storage solutions.

Good news is, I have found just the solution. Anne Linde is a Danish designer and the mastermind behind this stylish range of functional home storage solutions that have a distinctly Scandinavian and minimalist appeal. Anne studied for a Bachelors degree in design in the UK, before returning to Denmark to start her career. In 2004, she launched her business which aims to push the boundaries of conventional furniture pieces and create a new Danish design tradition.

It all began due to Anne’s love of books and her search for a way to store them that was light and airy in expression but that could hold as many books as a classic bookcase. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she created the Showcase Collection.

A Sophisticated Showcase

The Showcase Collection is a range of shelving of different sizes that are crafted out of sheet metal. Single aluminium pieces are skillfully bent to create stunning sculptural shelving units. There are six different shelving units in the Showcase Collection, in varying heights. They can be used as standalone pieces or together in various different configurations, depending on how much storage you need. In fact, Showcase #1 was designed to be part of something bigger.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates a practical shelving unit ideal for storing magazines, books and stationary as well as displaying much loved ornaments or plants

Moulded from Metal

The very first design that Anne came up with though, was ledge:able, the idea for which only took her a couple of minutes to get down on paper. The lines, explains Anne, just felt natural to her and the process was very intuitive. In fact, it was the lines and shapes that came first and the material choice followed. Anne chose to work with metal as this material allows the lines to flow without sacrificing functionality. It is beautiful and functional but also structurally sound.

“Metal gives you freedom. I love its elegant expression and that it can be formed, bent and cast in infinite ways. It is a timeless, living and strong material. The organic and sculptural aspects of my design add some softness to the metal that allows it to fit into a multitude of spaces.”

Anne Linde, Owner, Anne Linde

Timeless Designs

Anne has created a collection of functional home storage solutions that are really quite timeless. The pieces date from the beginning of this Century but you would never be able to tell when they were designed or manufactured just from looking at them. Anne has not designed with trends in mind, but rather longevity. She wants her pieces to last the test of time and that is exactly what they do.

They can also be used all around the home and in commercial spaces too. “Many of the pieces fit into even the smallest of spaces but can equally be expanded and unfolded in bigger spaces,” says Anne. They really are quite versatile.

Reducing Kitchen Clutter

These functional home storage solutions are perfect for the kitchen. As they are so streamlined and don’t take up too much visual real estate, they tend to blend into the background reducing the sense of clutter and enhancing the feeling of organisation.

They can be used to house spices, herbs and oils close to where the cooking happens, ensuring they are easily accessible. They can also act as storage for utensil and small storage pots. The perforated metal sheet works extremely well as a notice board for displaying recipes or holding knives.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Small metal shelves provide minimalist storage in the kitchen.

Better Bathroom Organisation

The bathroom is another perfect place to use these functional home storage solutions. It’s always surprising how quickly a bathroom can get cluttered with all the lotions and potions that we regularly use. Whilst we want them to be easily accessible, we also want them stored neatly away.

Serene Bedroom Solutions

Bedrooms are so important when it comes to the quality of sleep that we get and it’s essential that this space stays clutter free and tidy. Anne’s products are perfect for the bedroom and especially useful where space is at a premium. Ledge:able makes a perfect bedside table for use in a small bedroom. Keeping furniture off the floor and wall mounting it helps to create the illusion of extra space and the light visual imprint is very easy on the eye.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates sculptural bedside tables.

Organised Home Office

When the pandemic hit and we were all forced to work from home, nobody could have predicted how this would change the world of work. A year later and many of us are still working from home and if we haven’t already, we are looking at creating permanent work from home solutions. Space-saving desks have never been so appealing and of course, people want functional home storage solutions that allow them to separate their work life from their home life so that the boundaries don’t blur too much. Anne’s metal desk and sheet metal display boards are perfect solutions for our new work-from-home lifestyles.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates sculptural shelving units for use in a home office. Perforated sheet metal hangs on the wall as a notice board

Logical Living Room Storage

Anne’s designs don’t escape the living room either and can be used to store away magazines, books and paperwork, but also to display important accessories and heirlooms.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates sculptural wall-mounted shelving unit.
Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde. Bent sheet metal creates sculptural wall-mounted shelving units

So what do you think of Anne Linde’s functional home storage solutions? I love the way that they are beautiful and sculptual but also extremely practical. They are currently available in the UK from The Conran Shop.

Sculptural and functional home storage solutions from Anne Linde

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