Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions from Magnet

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Magnet Kitchens Cabinet Plus - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

I have written before about my tiny kitchen and the struggle to find enough storage for all the food and cooking equipment that we use as a family. We managed to add more storage when we did our mini makeover a few years ago, but our kitchen layout is so poor that it still hasn’t provided us with the streamlined user experience that we would want from a kitchen.

I get massive kitchen envy when I see these beautifully designed, spacious kitchens online, not so much because of the space that they have available, but because of the way that the space has been used and cleverly planned. Everything is so cleverly hidden and accessible and well thought out. That is what I want from my kitchen, despite the lack of space.

Small spaces have to work extra hard to be usable and practical. It requires more imagination and planning to really make the most of a small space. And that is one of the reasons that I have always admired Magnet Kitchens. They offer so many innovative kitchen storage solutions that give your kitchen that really high-end feel.

For me, this is one of the most important things when it comes to kitchen design. Yes, I want a kitchen that looks good, but I also want it to work hard for me and perform. Now, I’m not a chef, and I don’t really even like or enjoy cooking. That’s my husband’s realm. My role in the kitchen is the cleaning-up after he has created his delicious masterpieces. I load the dishwasher, clear everything away and wash it all down. So for me, it’s important that everything has a place and we can access it easily. I can’t stand cluttered surfaces or jam-packed chaotic cupboards.

Sadly, this is my reality right now. We just don’t have the innovative kitchen storage solutions or the space to improve the situation. What we really need is to rip the kitchen out and start again. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and that’s why I have been eyeing up the smart storage solutions that are on offer from Magnet. I had the opportunity to try a few out in person when I styled the Tatton Pebble kitchen for Magnet late last year.

But Magnet offer so many more innovative kitchen storage solutions, so I’d like to show you some of my favourites.

Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Cabinet Plus

At the start of this post and below you can see Cabinet Plus. This is such a great option, especially for short people like me who struggle to reach the very back of the cupboard. It is basically a motorised shelving unit ingeniously located at the back of your wall cabinets. It is operated by touch button controls and there is a range of accessories and inserts available so you can customise your Cabinet Plus.

Magnet Kitchens Cabinet Plus - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions


As I mentioned, I am really quite short and when we did our kitchen makeover, I made the decision to move our wall cabinets right up to the ceiling so that we didnt have that wasted space above. However, that obviously meant that I can no longer reach the top two shelves without standing on a stool.

The I-Move pulldown kitchen shelves are the perfect solution for such a scenario. This practical storage solution offers easy access storage and fits both a 600 wide standard unit or a tall wall unit. I tried this out whilst filming for magnet and it really does make accessing those higher shelves so much easier. This is a great universal design solution as it really does make the contents of your cupboard more accessible for everyone.

Magnet Kitchens I-Moov - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Plinth Ladder

Along similar lines, the plinth ladder makes those hard-to-reach areas a lot more accessible. It may not even be about reaching high shelves. Perhaps you have a lot of hanging plants that you need to water but can’t reach. Maybe you want to reach the top of your wall cabinets to dust and clean them. Whatever the reason, this compact step ladder folds away for easy storage inside a plinth drawer, so it’s always there when you need it but doesn’t take up valuable space when not in use.

Magnet Kitchens Larder Drawers - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Fresh Produce Storage

Storing fresh produce is an issue in my kitchen. We have no built-in storage other than the salad drawer in the fridge so we end up using some wooden crates to store vegetables. I’d much rather have them stored out of sight. Magnet offers a couple of solutions to this. Fresh produce can either be stored in a drawer or in wire basket drawers inside the base cabinets.

Dry Food Storage

As my husband loves to cook from scratch, we generally have a lot of ingredients in our kitchen. Not only fresh produce but also canned goods and dry foods like pasta, flour, couscous, breadcrumbs etc. We store all of this in cupboards but it can be a pain having to pull everything out to find what you are looking for. This is why I really like these clever pull-out larder drawers. They make it so much easier to visually assess what you have inside the cupboard and locate what you need.

Drawer Inserts

Most people have that one super chaotic kitchen drawer, right? The one where all the utensils get tangled and caught up and it’s almost impossible to find the one you’re looking for? I have two in my kitchen. Only the cutlery drawer has a sense of order. When we do get a new kitchen I will be making sure that all the drawers are well organised and easy to access. These drawer inserts make it so easy to bring order to the chaos.

Magnet Kitchens Drawer Inserts - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Recycling Solutions

I am a really strict recycler. I know many people who do a bit here and there, but I am a real stickler for sorting out my rubbish into the correct bins. But for many people, recycling can pose a huge problem. How can we sort our rubbish effectively at home without having multiple bins cluttering up the kitchen floor. Well, Magnet has a number of potential solutions to this. I personally am not a fan of having lots of tiny bins inside a cupboard, purely because they really don’t store much and I don’t want to be emptying them every day. However, I do really like the drawer option below. I like the bag inserts that allow easy transportation to a larger recycling bin or box that you may have outside.

Magnet Kitchens Recycling solutions - Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

These are a few of my favourite innovative kitchen storage solutions on offer from Magnet but they have so many great options available when you start looking into it. I highly recommend taking a look on their website to see what is available.

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  • A shame that Magnet seem to have ditched many of the best ideas shown here, and don’t give important information such as dimensions where the items are still available.

  • Such an informative post! Really enjoyed reading about the Magnet drawer options which make the transportation of rubbish easy and help for sorting out the rubbish properly.