Magnet Introduces the Tatton Kitchen in Pebble

Advertisement Feature: This post is part of a brand ambassador partnership with Magnet Kitchens

Award-winning Interior Design Blogger Stacey Sheppard stood in the Tatton Pebble Kitchen from Magnet Kitchens.

Magnet Kitchens has released the popular Tatton Kitchen in the new Pebble colourway.

I have been waiting to talk about this for a couple of months and I am really grateful that the time has now come where I can shout about this exciting news. So let me take you back to where all this started. It was about seven years ago when I was approached by Magnet Kitchens to do some filming along with some of my blogging buddies at the time. I would have needed to go up to Manchester to spend a day on set styling a kitchen. At the time, I was heavily pregnant and about to pop so I decided it just wasn’t feasible despite the disappointment that I felt.

Worktop Plus and Table Plus are two of the space-saving kitchen designs I featured back in 2015.

Back in 2015, I wrote a blog post about some of Magnet’s latest space-saving kitchen designs because it was so nice to see such innovative products designed for a small kitchen like my own. This blog post became one of my most read and some of the images that I pinned from it performed extremely well on Pinterest.

I’d wanted to work with Magnet for ages because I felt a real synergy between our brands and I just loved some of the design features that they were building into their kitchens making them aspirational but also affordable. And that is exactly what I look for when choosing items for my own home. However, in recent years, Magnet has worked with a select number of Brand Ambassadors so they were unable to work with me despite my pleas.

Well, as you can imagine, I was utterly delighted when Magnet got in touch earlier this year to ask if I would be interested in taking on the role of Brand Ambassador for 2021. I jumped at the opportunity and before I knew it I was headed up North to start our first collaboration project, which is what I want to share with you today.

Magnet actually has four Brand Ambassadors on the books next year. Working alongside me are Bianca Hall of French for Pineapple, Luke Arthur Wells and Joanne Hardcastle of Hardcastle Towers.

We were each tasked with styling a Magnet kitchen in our own personal style. I was assigned Magnet’s popular Tatton Kitchen in Pebble. Tatton is the most affordable of Magnet’s shaker designs and it is now available in this new colourway that joins the existing options of Cream, Grey, White, Graphite and Midnight.

I knew instantly how I wanted to style the Tatton kitchen in Pebble and I don’t think Magnet could have assigned me a more perfect kitchen to work on. The Pebble colour is such a soft beautiful neutral that offers a subtle trace of tranquillity and feels really quite restorative. It provided the perfect calming backdrop for my chosen styling accessories. I chose Farrow & Ball‘s Setting Plaster as the wall colour and I think you will agree that it is the perfect delicate compliment to the Pebble cabinetry.

Styled open shelving in Magnet's Tatton kitchen in Pebble

My kitchen styling was heavily influenced by the concept of biophilic design. The word biophilia originates from the Greek words for life (bios) and love (philia). It literally means love of life or living things. Biophilic design is the process of designing nature back into the built environment.

By choosing colours, materials, textures and patterns inspired by nature, I wanted to create a space that offers a more multi-sensory approach. Firstly, I introduced a lot of plants. Bringing greenery inside is a really easy way to help us reconnect with nature. So I dotted some potted house plants around, and some potted herbs and I basically tried to create a living wall where the open shelving unit is.

If like me, you struggle to keep plants alive, you can always use faux plants as the benefits are still the same even if the plants aren’t actually alive. But this is a really easy way to bring nature indoors and plants and greenery are scientifically proven to be good for our mental health and wellbeing.

I also incorporated lots of natural materials. I added items made from wood, cork, seagrass, bamboo, raffia and terracotta. All of these tactile pieces create a much more haptic experience. Given the current restrictions imposed upon us by the pandemic, our sense of touch has become somewhat neglected for safety reasons so we find ourselves longing for more tactile experiences at home. Integrating natural materials with textured finishes is a great way of ensuring that we are able to feel that connection to nature in the home.

I wanted to add a bit of warmth to the kitchen and bring in a more grounded feeling. I chose products in an earthy colour palette that are also inspired by nature.

The objects I chose worked really well in the Tatton kitchen. The Pebble colourway acts as a beautiful, soft neutral backdrop that allows the natural materials and earthy colour palette to really shine.

Award-winning interiors blogger STacey Sheppard on the set of Magnet's Tatton Kitchen in Pebble

After the Tatton Pebble Kitchen was styled, it was time for the filming, which I actually really enjoyed doing. We made four videos in total which I will be sharing as they are released.

The first one went live on Boxing Day and you can see it here:

All in all, I had an absolute blast taking part in this collaboration. I’ve never done anything like it before but it was so much fun even though I had to push myself well outside my comfort zone. It has given me the most massive boost though. I can’t tell you how much enjoyed the process, from selecting all the styling accessories and making my moodboards, through to actually styling the kitchen and getting in front of the camera. I’ve definitely got a taste for it now.

The set of Magnet's Tatton Kitchen in Pebble ready for filming.

So keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sharing the videos on my social media platforms over the coming months. I’d love to get some feedback on what you thought of my kitchen styling. And let me know what you thought of the first video.

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