How to Decorate Like a Millionaire

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How to decorate like a Millionaire. Luxury detailed living room by Covet House

Luxury detailed living room by Covet House

Do you ever dream of winning the lottery so you could decorate like a Millionaire? I do. Often. I have always had champagne taste and a beer budget. When I’m looking for something new for my home and scrolling through pages of products, you can guarantee I’ll automatically be drawn to the most expensive one, every single time. Sadly though my budget disagrees. So when Lottoland asked if I could write a post sharing my tips for decorating like a Millioniare, I knew I could because this is my own personal dilemma.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, there are some simple things you can do to decorate like a Millionaire, but without the hugely inflated price tag. Let’s take a look.

1. Add Height to the Room

How to decorate like a Millionaire. Paint the ceiling the same colour as the bedroom walls to add the illusion of height to the room.

Duvet Day by COAT Paints

When you think of expensive or luxury homes, one thing that many of them have in common is high ceilings. This immediately evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance, but how can you create the illusion of high ceilings where there are none?

One way to do this is to paint the walls and the ceiling the same colour. This blurs the lines where the walls and ceiling meet and will add the appearance of height to the room. If this is too adventurous for you and you want to opt for white, choose a shade of white that is sympathetic to the wall colour.

You could also add height by painting vertical stripes on the wall or choose a wallpaper that features vertical stripes. If stripes don’t float your boat you could create the same effect by displaying artwork in vertical lines up the wall.

2. Invest in Window Treatments

A neutral living room featuring two white sofas and two white pouffes on a wooden floor with floor-to-ceiling curtains covering large windows.

Wave Cavendish Barley Curtains by Blinds2Go

Over the years, I have discovered that window treatments are one of the most difficult parts of a room to get right. And yet they really do have a huge impact on the feel of a room. Think of them like mascara, they enhance what is already there from an aesthetic point of view. It is imperative to get this right if you want to decorate like a Millionaire.

Choosing between blinds, curtains and shutters is the first decision you need to make and then you need to narrow the choice down even further. If you opt for curtains, make sure you choose a weighty, good quality fabric that drapes well. You can buy off the shelf, but opt for something lined for that added luxury.

Make sure you choose long curtains that reach the floor. Short curtains that finish just below the window are a cardinal design sin. No Millionaire in their right mind would ever have short curtains. Just NO!

And when hanging curtains, make sure you hang the rail as close to the ceiling as possible. This will give extra height to the room instantly. And be sure to make the pole long enough so that when the curtains are open they hang without obstructing the window. This also lets in much more natural light.

If you go for blinds, Roman blinds are far more elegant and luxurious than roller blinds or Venetian blinds. When it comes to shutters, nothing adds gravitas like solid wood panel shutters.

3. Experiment with Wall Finishes

A white sofa on a neutral rug infront of a jade green abstract painted wall mural.

Infinite Paths wall mural by Feathr

People with lots of money like to opt for something unique and unusual when decorating their homes. Expensive wall finishes are common so expect to see natural stone, Venetian Plaster, polished concrete, silk, suede effect or even upholstered walls. To emulate this on a budget simply choose a wall mural that gives the same effect but costs a fraction of the price.

Another way to decorate like a Millionaire is to add panelling to your walls. This can easily be DIY’d and is a very cost-effective way to transform any room in your home.

4. Disguise your TV

A Samsung Frame TV displaying artwork hung above a fireplace

The Frame TV by Samsung

Have you ever seen a room containing a TV in an interiors magazine? Think about it. If you’re not sure, go grab one and have a quick flick through. The answer is nope! Televisions are considered to be a style abomination. Interior designers and homeowners alike struggle to know how to hide that omnipresent black box.

A Millionaire would have no problem doing this. The TV would probably float down from the ceiling or rise up out of the floor or a piece of furniture so that when it’s not in use it can’t even be seen.

Emulating this would probably be rather costly and might not even be possible on our beer budget. But luckily the tech giants have heard our pleas to disguise ugly TVs and they have brought out some more attractive options lately which are much easier to disguise. Take a look at these innovative TVs here.

5. Layer your Lighting

A luxury bathroom with double vanity, double shower and freestanding bath featuring layered lighting scheme by John Cullen Lighting.

Bathroom Lighting Scheme by John Cullen Lighting

One way to really enhance your interior and take it to the next level is with your lighting. By layering your lighting you can really create that wow factor that will give a room a much more luxurious feel. But what do we mean by layering? Basically, you need to incorporate various different types of lighting such as ambient light, feature light and task light.

When you think of a really impressive room, a lot it probably comes down to the lighting. Architectural features can be illuminated with uplighters, narrow corridors can be transformed with downlighters, and bookcases and shelves can be highlighted with clever use of LEDs. LEDs are a really effective way to get the layered lighting look without needing a Millionaire’s budget.

6. Choose Sculptural Statement Pieces

In order to decorate like a Millionaire and get a more luxury look, opt for sculptural furniture and accessories that look like they belong in a pricey art gallery. Organic curves, geometric shapes and natural materials like glass, stone and metal all contribute to that sculptural feel. If you can’t afford the Millionaire’s price tag of these designer furniture pieces and accessories, you can always DIY them, like this curvy coffee table that Luke Arthur Wells made.

If you are looking for more advice on how to decorate like a Millionaire, Lottoland provides tips for making your home look like you’ve won the lottery.

And if you just aren’t willing to give up your champagne tastes in favour of budget decor, you best start actually playing the lottery so you can decorate like a real Millionaire. Good news is that with Lottoland’s Lotto x5, for just £1 there’s five chances to win £1 Million every draw. Draws are every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday so for £3 you have 15 chances to become a Millionaire and decorate your home accordingly. What are you waiting for? You can play here.

How to decorate like a Millionaire

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