A Spring Spruce Up with Wayfair

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A Spring Spruce up in the bedroom. Botanical bedding and curtains and lots of plants make this bedroom feel light and airy.

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Are you guys gearing up for a Spring Spruce Up? Can you feel that Spring is in the air? We’ve had a few nice sunny days recently and it has completely lifted my mood. Also with the lighter mornings and slightly lighter evenings, there is definitely a sense of change on the horizon. Once the clocks go forward too, Spring will be well on the way! With this in mind, I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to share some of my ‘Spring Spruce Up’ ideas, advice, inspiration for you to try at home ahead of the spring cleaning season.

Wayfair: What expert tips do you have when it comes to keeping your home organised and clutter free?

I’ve been writing about storage a lot recently. Since lockdown restricted us to our home, it became very apparent to me just how important storage is. Especially with the children being at home rather than at school, the clutter very quickly got out of control as children aren’t that good at putting things away before getting the next thing out.

Image Credit: Wayfair.co.uk

Because we live in a small flat, we have always been very conscious of choosing practical furniture to squeeze the most amount of storage out of every item. We have built storage into every alcove so as not to waste any available space and we use lots of storage boxes to keep any clutter out of sight. But to be honest it’s a constant battle and regularly gets out of hand. Children have so much stuff. And I for one am really looking forward to a Spring Spruce Up in the coming weeks!

Wayfair: Are there any spring spruce ups or small refreshes you like to do as we transition from winter into a new spring season?

As Spring approaches, it really feels like the time to transition from the slower, more relaxed pace of winter, where we have been recharging, to a more energetic and vibrant time of year where we can pick up the pace and get things done.

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When the warmer weather arrives and the lighter evenings come, I always feel the need for a Spring Spruce Up. It feels like it’s time to pack away the blankets and cosy textiles and really pare it back. It’s not so much about warmth and comfort anymore because we spend more time outdoors and away from home, so we tend to really strip things back.

I often find I want to redecorate in Spring and freshen things up a bit. So we tend to do a lot of painting at this time of year and crack on with all the small jobs that we’ve put off. I guess it’s all about fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s also this time of year that I tend to add a lot of new plants to my home or change the artwork to something with a bit more optimism or energy.

Wayfair: When you think about a bedroom refresh, what materials, colours or accents do you like to incorporate and why?

Bedrooms are so important. You really need to look at the behaviour you want to encourage in the room and choose a colour based on that. In the bedroom you ideally want to create a calm and peaceful environment that is conducive to relaxing and improves your sleep. Blues are a great choice as they create feelings of calm and serenity and can aid in reducing mental stress and relieving tension. Greens can also be a good choice as they are restful, restorative and tranquil. Soft pinks are good as they are physically soothing.

Yellows and oranges are not great for bedrooms as they can be overstimulating and leave you feeling irritable and annoyed. Grey can also be problematic for the bedroom as it can be quite draining if you don’t choose the right shade, so instead of waking up refreshed you risk waking up tired.

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I like to incorporate lots of soft and snuggly textures into my own bedroom regardless of the season. I find them very relaxing and calming. I’m a very tactile person so I like having something to touch and the more textures the better. I also like to incorporate lots of natural materials. There is something very grounding about using natural materials and they are the perfect choice for a Spring Spruce Up.

Wayfair: When it comes to bedding, how can people use theirs to spruce up their bedroom while on a budget?

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Bedding is probably the easiest way to give your bedroom a Spring Spruce Up on a budget. When you think about it, the bed takes up the most space in an average-sized bedroom so the visual impact of the bedding is often the greatest. By switching this to something darker and cosier in the winter months it can create a cocooning feeling and opting for something brighter and lighter in the Spring/Summer months can create an uplifting and energizing mood instead.

Image Credit: Wayfair.co.uk

Wayfair: What are your five top tips for bringing a little calm to your home?

Give your home a Spring Spruce up by lighting scented candles. A beautoful scented candle sits on a book with wick trimmers on the surface in front.

Image Credit: Swoonworthy Scents

To be honest, it’s been such a long time since my home felt calm. With a seven year old and a five year old, my home rarely ever feels calm. I guess once they are in bed of an evening, things start to feel a lot calmer and there are definitely things that I do to enhance that sense of peace.

  1. Put everything back in it’s place – I can’t really relax if the space still feels cluttered and untidy
  2. Light a candle – I find the flickering light of a candle to be very calming
  3. Add some scent – I like to inject some calming scents into my room and I do this either using scented candles or an aroma diffuser
  4. Listen to calming music or an uplifting podcast – I like to wind down of an evening by listening to something that will help me feel calm and positive
  5. Have a cup of tea – Maybe it’s a very British thing but tea is like a ritual for me. When I really want to relax and feel like I’m taking some time for myself, a hot cup of tea always helps
Give your home a spring spruce up by adding scent. An aroma diffuser with light sits on a table next to plants and little vases.

My Wayfair Picks for the Spring Season

For anyone planning to spruce up their homes this spring, Wayfair has everything you need for dreamy updates, organisation and more, including storage, home furnishings and decor, lighting, home textiles and rugs.

I’ve been browsing the Wayfair website to see what I would choose for a Spring Spruce Up in my own home. I’m still very much into greens and earthy colours, and natural materials are definitely my go-to when creating a space that makes me feel good. So I’ve picked items that would work well in my own home.

Tip: It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for potential sales and discounts on Wayfair.

Give your home a spring spruce up with this selection of homeware from Wayfair

source list

  1. Hitton Rattan Suspension Light
  2. Artificial Palm Tree in Pot
  3. Lorine Accent Mirror
  4. Kiable Cushion Covers
  5. Flickinger Armchair
  6. 38cm Hanging Fern Plant in Pot
  7. Alfrik Braided Natural Jute Rug
  8. Umbra Grove Metal Raised Flower Bed
  9. Rattan Weave Sideboard
  10. Darell Coffee Table with Storage
Top tips for a Spring Spruce Up

What about you? Are you planning a Spring Spruce Up for your home? What are your top tips and advice? Please share in the comments below.

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