Straw Bale Furniture from DesRes Design

DesRes Straw Bench & Lge Pouf Leather

I’m always on the look out for interesting and unique furniture designs and ones that surprise me are always a great find. I was certainly surprised when I saw this new furniture range from DesRes Design in my inbox. The collection is a rare combination of rustic, playful and elegant all rolled into one unusual design that really stands out. The pieces are made from heavy duty, easy-to-clean PVC that is stuffed full of treated straw. This is clearly not the most obvious material choice for furniture pieces but it does give them a certain appeal that is strangely difficult to identify. Perhaps its the fact that the straw is a sustainable and widely accessible material? Or perhaps it’s down to the use of PVC which makes the furniture extremely easy to care for. Or maybe it’s the sophisticated leather accessories that bring these pieces to the next level and which makes them so attractive. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that I like about this collection but it just looks so fun and so refined at the same time. 

DesRes Straw Bench Leather Accessories

On second thoughts I think it might be the leather accessories that really make this so special for me. Without them the collection would definitely look a lot cheaper. I particularly like the fact that the leather band is styled with shooting and equestrian accessories. The pockets provide storage for magazines or a tablet, a cartridge holder for pens etc, straps provide storage for a blanket roll, and bits and D rings can be used to attach keys or even a dog lead.

DesRes Straw Bench Leather Detail

DesRes owner Nicki Massey says: “The collection combines luxury and modern rustic with a very cool edge, mixing straw and saddle leather in unexpected ways. I’ve seen people responding passionately to the range – really delighting both adults and children. The makers have cleverly united style, durability, playfulness and practicality in one and the moment I saw them I knew I had to have them for my customers”.

DesRes Straw Pouf Leather Lge

Obviously they can be used both indoors or outdoors and I think they would be really impressive used as garden furniture. What do you guys think?

DesRes Straw Pouf Small

DesRes Straw Leather Cushions

DesRes Straw Cushions


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