The Little Loafers Kid’s Collection from Loaf

Loaf - Roofus desk and Ickle chair £495One thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do after having a baby is suddenly start blogging about home stuff for kids and babies. However, that was back when I thought that being a mother was simply another role in your life and it needn’t affect your work or your hobbies (or your blog). However, now I know that it is not that simple and being a mother doesn’t just affect what you do but it becomes a part of who you are. I always used to think that many women somehow lost their identity when they had kids as they often let their kids define them as a person. They became so-and-so’s mummy rather than a person in their own right. Kids became their life and it seemed like nothing else mattered. Now I know that becoming a mother changes your life beyond recognition and it affects how you view the world and what you class as important. Before I had Matylda I really wasn’t that interested in interiors for children but somehow this has now become part of my vernacular and I find myself drawn to interesting and creative designs that can improve the quality of life, development and enjoyment for the little people. So today I want to (unapologetically) share the new children’s collection from Loaf with you.

Loaf - Possum kids bed £395

The Little Loafer Collection features beds, desks, chairs, bedroom furniture and storage all designed for the little angels in our lives. I really like the natural, authentic look to all the pieces and it makes a refreshing change to see natural, unadulterated materials being used instead of the brightly coloured synthetic materials that many kid’s products are made from. They all have a really rustic charm to them which I really admire.


They also have really fun names like Roofus, Pop, Clamberdoodle, Possum and Moose. Don’t let this fool you though as the pieces themselves are actually pretty timeless meaning that they will grow up with your children so there will be no need to replace them as your child’s tastes mature (well at least not until they physically outgrow them that is!).

Loaf - Pop storage

Loaf - Moose wardrobe £775

Loaf - Little kids mattress £165

Loaf - Chair range

So what do you think? Are these pieces fit for your little loafer?

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