Versatile, Fully Customisable Sofas from ROM

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Cadini Flexible Sofa from ROM

Sofas are probably one of the biggest household expenses when it comes to decorating and furnishing a house. Most people don’t mind investing a decent chunk of money into a sofa given that it is the main piece of furniture in a living room and it gets a reasonable amount of use. In fact, people are probably more likely to allocate a larger budget to their sofa than they are to their bed. But if we are shelling out sizeable amounts on a new sofa, we want to be sure that it meets our needs in every way.

Cadini Flexible Sofa from Rom

And this is exactly what stood out to me when first came across ROM’s customisable sofas. Every single sofa is made to order and can be customised exactly how you want. Everything from size and configuration to individual functionality is totally up to you. You can choose whether you want manually or electronically adjustable headrests, specify the width of the armrests and choose from an array of comfort functions including electric recliners and seat depth.

Cadini customisable sofas from ROM

To be honest, I didn’t even know you could get sofas with adjustable headrests let alone electronically adjustable headrests. What I can say, is that in the past when looking at sofas I have often discounted them due to the arm rests. I like mine to be really nice and wide so I can place a laptop or a magazine on them while I’m relaxing on the sofa of a evening.

Also unless you live in a huge house with plenty of space, size can often be an issue. If you need a sofa to fit in a specific place it’s really handy if you can specify the size. ROM sofas have always been custom made in increments of 20cms but as of this month ROM has launched a new sofa collection that offers even more flexibility in terms of size. Now ROM offers customisable sofas in size increments of 10cms.

The new collection is called Versato and is ROM’s most versatile collection yet offering new levels of made-to measure customisation. The collection is made up of three new contemporary models, the Cadini, Colorado and Tasman sofas. Let’s take a look at the Cadini and the Colorado.


Combining versatility, comfort and style, Cadini is the ideal sofa choice for the modern home. I love the beautiful curved silhouette and this sofa would look at home in any style of interior.

Cadini Flexible Sofa from Rom


The Colorado sofa blends contemporary design with innovative technology and its style and sophistication make it the perfect piece for the contemporary home. Colorado works well as a matching pair or as a corner group.

Colorado customisable sofas from ROM

As an added bonus, the new Versato collection comes with a sleek touch screen remote control. The EasyTouch control can be used to control the sofa’s recliner and has added intelligent features such as a child lock and a position memory function.

Coloroado flexible sofa from ROM

What do you guys think of the Versato Collection from ROM? Which model do you prefer? Cadini or Colorado? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these customisable sofas so let me know in the comments below.

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