Creating a Cosy Winter Home with Cox & Cox

Disclosure: I was gifted a sheepskin rug by Cox & Cox.

Create a cosy winter home with the AW16 Sage Velvet & Linen Kingsized Quilt from Cox & Cox

Velvet & Linen Kingsize Quilt

So this past weekend was bonfire night and I have to say it really feels like winter now. There is such a chill in the air and our central heating has certainly been working overtime. A few weeks ago we changed the duvet on the bed for the big 15 tog one and we are slowly starting to prepare our home for the winter months ahead. So today I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can successfully transition your home for the colder season. At the same time, I wanted to introduce you to some wonderful new products from the AW16 Collection at Cox & Cox that will help you to create a cosy winter home that will keep you feeling all snug and comfy in the coming months.

Create a cosy winter home with a Curly Sheepskin from Cox & Cox

Curly Sheepskin

Snuggle up with cosy covers
Whether it’s in the bedroom or the livingroom, introducing some cosy covers will definitely help you create a cosy winter home. As the temperatures drop outside, we naturally tend to retreat indoors more and although the heating will often do a very effective job of warding off the chill, it’s always nice to bring some lovely snuggly textures into the home. The soft warmth created by textiles like this curly sheepskin creates a wonderful cosy atmosphere and makes staying in all that much more enjoyable.

Create a cosy winter home with these grey velvet and linen cushions from Cox & Cox

Velvet & Linen Cushions 

Cuddle up with cushions
I don’t know what happens in your house but there seems to be a lot more cuddling going on in ours as the temperature drops. Perhaps it’s a natural instinct to share body heat? Who knows. As well as cuddling your nearest and dearest it’s always nice to grab a big cosy cushion to cuddle up with. These gorgeous feather-filled cushions are fronted in luxuriously soft velvet with a natural colour linen on the reverse. They are absolutely perfect for creating a cosy winter home whether cradling your head as you snuggle down for a family movie night or for hugging to your chest as you read your favourite book. In winter, you can never have too many cushions, right? You can also pair these with the matching velvet and linen quilt seen in the first picture above to create a super cosy bedroom.

Create a cosy winter home with a Supersoft Faux Fur Beanbag from Cox & Cox

Supersoft Faux Fur Beanbag

Bring out the beanbags
Winter for me is all about lounging around lazily enjoying all the things that were forgotten as you were out and about over summer. Beanbags are a great addition to a cosy winter home as they provide extra lounging facilities. With everyone wanting to snuggle up and stretch out you may find that your sofa, chairs or 3 piece suite just doesn’t provide enough room. But chucking a few cosy beanbags into the mix, like this super soft faux fur beanbag, you can ensure that everyone has all the room they need for all that relaxing.

Create a cosy winter home with these grey candles from Cox & Cox

Soft Grey Candles

Light some candles
The Danish concept of Hygge is a massive trend in the UK at the moment, so much so that you’ll be sick of hearing about it come Spring time. Whilst there is no counterpart in English, the word (pronounced “hooga”) roughly translates to cosiness and basically means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. One of the integral facets of hygge is using lighting to create that relaxing ambience and the Danes are mad about candles. Not only are they are amongst the world’s highest consumers of candles but, according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report, Denmark is the world’s happiest country. Not sure how much of that is to do with the candles but it’s worth a try, right? So strike a match and light up those candles this winter so you too can feel all nice and hyggelig.

Create a cosy winter home with this Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair from Cox & Cox

Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair

Create a cosy nook
Having a cosy nook somewhere in your home is essential in my opinion, but even more so in winter. It helps to create that sense of escapism if you can slope off somewhere a little secluded to get some alone time. Whether you want to sit and read a book or a magazine, have a quiet nap or get some last minute online shopping done in preparation for Christmas, a cosy nook is just the place to do it. This hanging chair is a great solution if your home doesn’t have any natural nooks. The cocooning nature of the chair and the gentle swinging motion will have you losing yourself in no time. And as an added bonus the chair can be used outdoors in the summer months.

Create a cosy winter home with this faux potted Boston fern from Cox & Cox

Faux Potted Boston Fern

Bring the outdoors in
One thing I love about the warmer months is all the luscious greenery. I don’t know about you, but plants make me feel more alive and living in the countryside I really love surrounding myself with as much green as possible. But plants can find it quite hard to thrive indoors in winter, especially if your home isn’t the lightest or brightest. My little flat struggles with natural light in the winter so I can only keep the hardiest of plants which can survive in low light conditions. However, an easy alternative is to invest in some authentic looking faux plants. Cox & Cox have got a fantastic range and it really is almost impossible to tell that they are not real. Why waste all that time and effort worrying about your leafy friends when these guys will do the job just as well but require absolutely no maintenance?

Create a cosy winter home with this Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover from Cox & Cox

Cosy Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

Bottle it up 
Do you know that saying about being chilled to the bone? Well, I get like that quite a lot in winter. I can be absolutely freezing for hours on end and no amount of blankets or cosy socks will get me warm. But I do find that a steaming hot water bottle will do the trick. I’ve introduced my daughter to the joys of the “hot bottle” as she calls it and she’s even asked for her very own one this Christmas. Cox & Cox do a lovely range of hot water bottle covers in sheepskin, faux fur and pure cotton velvet, so there is no need to let that winter chill get you down.

Create a cosy winter home with this grey curly sheepskin rug from Cox & Cox

Luxe Grey Curly Sheepskin Rug

Add warmth underfoot
Warm, soft and stylish, sheepskin rugs are the perfect way to add a bit of Scandi-inspired elegance to your home this winter. Not only can sheepskins be draped over chairs but they also make brilliant rugs and will create that super soft and cosy feeling underfoot. They are also great for lying on. I’ve actually got this one in my own home and because we have carpet in the living room I use it draped over my sofa.

My husband has been on at me to get a sheepskin for years but I’ve never been that keen having been put off by those cheap yellowy artificial ones. But I have to say if you invest the money in a real quality product like this one, it is so worth it. They are so snuggly and warm and comforting, perfect for creating a cosy winter home. All I want now is one the extra large one along with two or three of the matching sheepskin cushions. Then I’d be all set for winter.

Curly Grey Sheepskin Rug Cox & Cox for a cosy winter home

Curly Grey Sheepskin Rug Cox & Cox for a cosy winter home

So what about you guys? Do you have any other tips for preparing your home for the winter months? If so, I’d love to hear them.

Disclosure: This post has been written in collaboration with Cox & Cox. However, I stress that I only collaborate with brands and companies that I genuinely like and believe that my readers will like too. 

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