Designer Vases from Chive UK

Hanging Aeriums vase by Chive UK

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Home London this year as caring for a 4 week old baby meant that a trip up to London is just not possible right now. So I have been forced to experience the show through the Tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook updates of my fellow bloggers who have been able to visit the show. It is clear to see that there is a wide and very varied selection of design talent exhibiting at the show and whilst I am unable to report my findings from the show, there are a number of designers and brands that have nonetheless caught my eye and I would like to feature here. One of those brands is Chive UK.

Wall Dots vase by Chive UK

Established in Toronto in 2004, Chive creates some absolutely gorgeous designs that help to highlight the beauty of floral arrangements. The vases, which take their inspiration from nature, are made from a various materials including glass, plastic, aluminium, porcelain and ceramic. I particularly like the innovative approach taken by Chive in the creation of vases that hang suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall. The Chive portfolio consists of 600 different vase designs ranging from the ordinary to the unique. They certainly put a smile on my face.

Button vase by Chive UK

Pooley 2 vase by Chive UK

Pill Terrarium teal vase by Chive UK

Succulent Cups vase by Chive UK

Half Moon Terrarium vase by Chive UK


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  • Hi Stacey
    Couldn’t agree more, these are such fun and impossible not to look at them and smile! I saw them at the Home show and did a little dance … I’d actually bought 3 of the bright retro style hanging pots like in your first picture whilst on holiday in California last year and hadn’t realised I could also get more in the UK – I was so happy to find them. So glad you’re spreading the word too! Helen
    P.S. and many congratulations on the birth of your little one :)