Embroidered Cushions from The Futon Company

Futon company -icon-angel-cushionIt’s Monday again, (always seems to come round so fast), and the first chance I’ve had to post for a while. Little babies, heat waves and teething do not go well together and, as I have found out, is a combination that results in many sleepless nights and exhausted parents. So that explains the lack of posts recently. But I’m trying to get back on schedule the best I can so please do bear with me. The first post this week is just a quick one about some rather eye-catching cushions from The Futon Company. Featuring a number of iconic buildings, bridges and sculptures embroidered onto them, these embroidered cushions are a great find for architecture and design lovers.

Icon embroidered cushions from The Futon Company

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  • That’s a great find. Interesting structures, beautifully rendered in clean, simple lines. This is the sort of thing that makes me go “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    And from the perspective of interiors, cushions are the sort of, easy, low cost accessory I like. With not much financial outlay, you could make all the difference to a room with a few of these.