Tattoo-Inspired Rugs from Floor Story

Rob Pybus Lover tattoo rug from Floor Story

When it comes to rugs I love nothing more than really bold, dramatic designs that make a statement. I have previously featured some fantastically bright and graphic rugs from Sonya Winner and also some amazingly arty and abstract rugs by Calle Henzel, which are two of my favourite rug collections. Today I am adding a new collection of rugs to that list in the form of these wonderful tattoo-inspired rugs from East London-based designer flooring company Floor Story. They are so fabulously eye-catching, like no rugs I have come across before. I was particularly impressed with the concept of this collection as you wouldn’t necessarily put tattoos and interiors together. But as you can see it works so well.

Rob Pybus Hello-Sailor tattoo rug from Floor Story

Floor Story is a company that prides itself on finding the unfindable. It is run by Simon Goff who formerly ran the flooring concession within Heal’s. Simon set up Floor Story in order to create exclusive rug collections that promote the talent of rising design stars whilst delivering beautiful and different rugs and flooring to homes. The Tattoo Collection features three unique 50s tattoo designs by Rob Pybus, a talented young illustrator who has previously been commissioned by Wired, the New York Times, Jacobin and Men’s Health.

Rob Pybus Headress tattoo rug from Floor Story

These rugs are pretty exclusive as only 20 of each design will be produced. They are hand-knotted by incredibly skilled weavers in India using the traditional Tibetan weave. Every rug is woven using 80 knots and takes 12 weeks from point of order to delivery in the UK, due to the sheer intricacy and the skill needed to produce them. An extra nice touch is the fact that each piece comes with a certificate of provenance screen printed onto linen and the lucky owner also gets a digital history of their rug being made, chronicling conception drawings, technical plans, yarn dyeing and weaving. So basically each rug has its very own Floor Story making it a pretty unique and special product.

Lover tattoo rug from Floor Story

Rob Pybus Headress tattoo rug from Floor Story

Headdress tattoo rug from Floor Story


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