Frédérique Morrel’s Vintage Tapestry Taxidermy

Frederique Morrel & Aaron Levin

You may remember a post I wrote not so long ago featuring the amazing ‘Crochetdermy’ of Shauna Richardson. Well it was whilst I was researching creative alternatives to taxidermy for a post I wrote for that I came across both of these fabulous designers. As Shauna Richardson was so popular I knew I had to do a follow-up post about Frédérique Morrel.

La Licorne a la Dame

This amazingly creative design studio is based in Paris and is comprised of artists Frédérique Morrel & her husband Aaron Levin who met in a contemporary Parisian art museum in the 1980s and went on to collaborate in the making of these amazing sculptures that explore the relationship between mankind, nature, the animal kingdom and the pursuit of happiness.


The gorgeous passe-murailles collection features a variety of sculptures that resemble the hunting trophies traditionally associated with taxidermy. However, Morrel describes them as friends of the family and living creatures that have poked their heads through the wall to share their stories with us.

My Dear

Morrel says that they are inspired by Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, temptation, original sin, the fall of man, paradise lost, deluge, apocalypse, Noah’s ark, redemption, rebirth, vanities and veneration. They question the dynamics of man vs woman, craft vs industry, art vs decoration, man vs animal, beauty vs ugliness, and luxury vs cheap. In creating their pieces they like to use vintage tapestries: materials that tell a story and have been caressed by many hands.

Bambi by Frederique Morrel
Ma Biche
La Licorne a la dame

What do you think? I can certainly say that I find Morrel’s work completely enchanting!

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