Panoramic Photo Prints for Adventure Enthusiasts

Let's Sail Away Print by Leah Flores

I have been looking for artwork to put up in my house for a couple of years now. The problem is I am very picky and quite flaky so I tend to go off things quite quickly. In the past this has prevented me from committing enough to actually get around to purchasing art work. A few months ago however, I had a bit of an epiphany. Sure I may go off a piece of artwork, but what about if the artwork was mostly typographic? I love words, words are my thing, and for that reason I am pretty unlikely to suddenly go off them. So I started the hunt for typographic artwork I could buy. Finding something was easier said than done as the next hurdle was finding something in the right colour. I want green, but apparently that is too much to ask. Or so I thought until I discovered the glorious panoramic photo prints by Leah Flores.

Prints by Leah Flores for Adventure Enthusiasts

I discovered her work a couple of days ago on Fab UK (an absolutely amazing site and if you haven’t discovered it yet you better go check it out)  in one of the flash sales that is currently running and immediately I knew that I could live with these lovely prints. There are plenty in green, they are typographic and very simple. Plus they have the added bonus that they feature the forest (my husband grew up in the lake district of Poland where there are huge forests) and the beach (I was brought up on the south coast of Devon, just minutes from the beach and we can see the sea from our house now) so they really are the perfect choice for our house! Job done! Thank you Fab UK and Leah Flores.

Prints by Leah Flores

Leah Flores Prints for Adventure Enthusiasts

Adventure Prints by Leah Flores

Here & There Print by Leah Flores

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