Peanuts Homewares from Magpie

Peanuts homewares collection by Magpie
The Cut-and-Sew kit

Much like its namesake, Magpie is collecting only the shiniest of goodies, and its latest has me feeling nostalgic for a huge part of my youth.  For 2019, Magpie has teamed up with the Peanuts comic to expand its line of cute and quirky homewares.

Peanuts homewares collection by Magpie
Cut-and-Sew kit

Peanuts is one of the most popular comic strips of all time. From 1950 to 2000, creator Charles M. Schulz produced 17,897 Peanuts strips, syndicated to over 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries and translated into 21 languages, totalling a readership of 355 million people. Those figures are just mind-blowing, but at the same time, not at all surprising.

Peanuts homewares collection by Magpie

The stories of Charlie Brown, his faithful dog Snoopy and his band of misfit friends are absolutely timeless. They cross generational borders with ease and appeal to boys and girls alike. Their adult-free world mirrors everyday realities and the kids suffer from all the usual worries and anxieties that adults recognise, which I think is where it’s appeal lies. It certainly captured me from a very young age.

Peanuts homewares collection by Magpie
Ceramics and wooden statues

In fact, now that I come to think of it, I actually wasn’t that young when I really fell in love with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Sure I used to watch it as a child, but I was probably in my mid-teens when the obsession really took hold. I collected a lot of books, bought plates and cups, egg cups, soft toys, placemats. All sorts really. There was just something about the illustrations and the characters that really had me hooked. I’ve actually kept a fair amount of stuff from my childhood and given it to my girls, who love it just as much as I did.

Peanuts homewares collection by Magpie
Trinket Trays

So I was pretty excited when I saw Magpie announce its new range of peanuts homewares, due to launch this July. The range includes textiles, glassware, ceramics, mirrors, coasters, trinket trays, clocks, cut-and-sew kits, lighting, purses and little decorative wooden statues of the whole gang. Some of the pieces even feature the ‘words of wisdom’ that are instantly recognisable from the comic strip such as ‘I’m allergic to mornings’ and ‘Happiness is being part of the gang’.

Peanuts Homewares Collection by Magpie
Ceramics and wooden statues

I adore this range, love how it makes me feel and want my girls to feel that same way as they grow up, surrounded by the wise and wonderful world of Peanuts.

With the Peanuts homewares collection, Magpie has truly caught the shiniest gem and I want to add it straight to our nest! I’ve got my beady eye on so many bits from this collection, but the night light is definitely top of the list for now.

What do you think about this new collection? Are you a fan of snoopy too?

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  • I absolutely love and adore this new range!
    I am a big Snoopy/Fan and collector, and I am very pleased to see that new products are available in the U.K.
    They make me smile and happy!