Black Beauty : The Vipp Kitchen

Vipp Kitchen You may recognise the name Vipp for their historic line of metallic bins. Well this company are no one trick pony. Their ‘industrial design – since 1939’ slogan means that Vipp has specialised in the industrial aesthetic and has grown in size and speciality over the years, culminating in a really exciting line that I am in awe of – the Vipp Kitchen – a visually arresting modular kitchen design in line with all the latest trends. Which is ironic really as it states on their website that Vipp takes pride in being untrendy: “Trends and fashion is what eventually goes out of fashion. Therefore, we intentionally avoid all changing fashions and trends, legitimising all Vipp products as long-term investments. There will never be a spring or fall collection, instead we offer products with staying power.”

Vipp Kitchen 01 Art Director

Designing a kitchen can be fraught with issues, mostly from procuring all your desired tastes from a huge selection of suppliers, designers and specialists. Well Vipp takes all that work out of it for you. Comprised of three main units – the wall module, tall module and island – Vipp kits you out with everything down to the taps and even the white goods. Their website even states that “it’s like playing with building blocks” so all you folks out there who are both petrified to start your kitchen makeovers and also have a love of Lego will really get into this.

Vipp Kitchen 01


The Vipp kitchen is pure function. One design, one colour. No compromise with materials, no fuss. Made to last.


Vipp Kitchen Bretagne 02
I love the sleek look of this kitchen, the fact that it is all black makes it so streamlined and classy. The best thing about the Vipp kitchen though is the powder-coated steel surfaces that are built to withstand years of daily wear and tear, meaning that these timeless kitchens will last you the rest of your days. Which is a good thing considering how much one of the kitchens will set you back. They are no doubt worth every single penny, but for now I’ll be filing this in my “one day when I win the lottery” file. At least it is free-standing though so if you can afford one you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind if you ever move house. You can simply take it with you.

Vipp Kitchen Bretagne 01

Vipp Kitchen 08 nantes

Vipp Kitchen 08 Black

Vipp Kitchen 04 Art Director

Vipp Kitchen 06 Black

Vipp Kitchen 04

Vipp Kitchen 03


Vipp Kitchen 02 Art Director

Any thoughts on this amazing kitchen? Is it on your lust list too?

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