Miniki Mini Kitchens for Small Spaces

Miniki Mini Kitchen in White and Pink open

One thing that I really love about design is the way in which it can really improve people’s lives. The way that design can do this in our homes is especially important considering the amount of time we spend at home. Nobody wants to live in space that doesn’t really function as it should or that isn’t particularly liveable. But unfortunately, in many cases, people do have to live with such spaces. So it is great to find well designed products that not only look fantastic but also help to make people’s lives better.

These fantastic mini kitchens are by a German company called Miniki that is based in Dusseldorf. Miniki won a Red Dot Design Award in 2012 and has also been nominated for the German Design Award 2013. One of the main problems that Miniki kitchens sought to address was the fact that in many small homes, the kitchen and the living room often share the same space. For people living in these spaces the ideal solution is if the kitchen can be out of sight when not in use. The solution is a compact modular kitchen that can easily be transformed into an elegant elevated sideboard.

There are three different basic modules available (mk1, mk2, mk3) to match all individual requirements. The modules can be combined to create a mini kitchen with a sink and some storage room making it ideal for kitchenettes and small offices. It can also be combined with a fridge and two cooking zones to create a fully equipped eat-in kitchen with the full range of functions. Miniki is a flexible, versatile, multi-purpose kitchen system that not only works well but also looks great. It is available in 15 colour options ranging from strong, monochrome modules to cheerful, polychrome combinations. I think they are fantastic, what do you reckon?

Miniki Mini KItchen in White and Blue

Miniki Mini Kitchen VioletMiniki Kitchen

Miniki Kitchen in Red & White

UPDATE : I do not produce or sell these kitchens. I have simply featured them on my blog as I really admire the design of them. Should you be interested in these kitchens please contact Miniki directly on 

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