Introducing HouseOf Lighting Collection

HouseOf Lighting Collection

I discovered HouseOf thanks to Kimberly of Swoonworthy who introduced me to the brand a few weeks before it launched back in March. This online homeware retailer was initially focusing on lighting but I believe that they have already expanded the range beyond lighting to include a small selection of furniture and accessories. These guys are obviously fast workers!

The entire HouseOf lighting collection has been designed in-house using a clear design philosophy that combines creativity and function. The collection is characterised by a bold and consistent use of colour which injects a great big dose of personality into the range.

HouseOf Lighting Collection

The HouseOf lighting collection consists of floor, wall, ceiling and table lamps that are finished in either brass, copper or matt block colours. There is a very minimalist feel to the range created by the frosted spheres and pill shades, but then the pink and green marble adds a whole new level of luxury.

HouseOf was founded by Helen White and Michael Jones, who both have extensive experience working for some of the biggest names on the high street. With their new venture, they hope to revolutionise the way that online retail works, by empowering people with expert information, design and inspiration.

“When we started houseof, we started a community of like-minded people. We want to help represent your personality in your home… and the way to do that in an industry that has historically been a monologue… is to start a dialogue.”

Helen White & Michael Jones, Co-Founders of HouseOf
HouseOf Lighting Collection

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the bold use of colour in contrast with the clean lines of the lighting. Helen and Michael have set out to help us evolve the way we feel about colour in our homes. Painting walls in such bold colours may prove a step too far for some people, but selecting a colourful lamp might be an easy way to introduce more colour if you’re not quite that brave. Could you manage a colourful lamp maybe?

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