Dawn Chorus Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

Dawn Chorus Wallpaper by Saga-Mariah Sandberg for Photowall
The Moss Garden After Rain

Behind the flurry of budding daffodils and the blanket of clouds the sun is hiding behind, Spring is the season to get excited about and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than with the nature-inspired wallpaper collection of Saga-Mariah Sandberg.

The Swedish illustrator has drawn from the Nordic natural beauty of her homeland to create 8 wallpaper motifs that can be bought exclusively from Photowall.  The Dawn Chorus collection features floral repetitions, intricate foliage and the living creatures that build their homes amongst them.  The collection is entirely based on her hand-drawn and painted illustrations.

The Dawn Chorus collection of wallpaper by Swedish illustrator Saga-Mariah Sandberg for Photowall
Bramble Hill – Granite

The Skogsgläntan (The Forest Meadow) pattern takes us on a visit to a Swedish spruce forest, a place full of deep, vivid colours that contain a thriving ecosystem of bluebells, anemones, and lilies of the valley.  Mossträdgården (The Moss Garden) takes inspiration from old school posters as it depicts a gently shaded garden before and after the rain, as the resident garden snails peer outwards through a slick maze of ferns and mosses. 

These designs are versatile, come in a range of bright or dark designs and can match a myriad of interior styles. So, if you’re looking for a dark statement to offset a boring wall, then The Raspberry Garden or Kerstin can be found in a deeper shade, whereas if you need a mural to brighten a smaller space, The Forest Meadow could be just what you are looking for.

Botanical Illustration by Saga-Mariah Sandberg for the Dawn Chorus Collection of wallpaper by Photowall

What do you think of the Dawn Chorus collection of nature-inspired wallpaper? Does it put a spring in your step?

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