Trend : Moon Walk

Moon Wall Mural from the GI Collection by Photowall

July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing when Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot upon the moon. In celebration of this amazing historical event, I have curated a selection of products that take their inspiration from the Earth’s satellite. And I’m calling this lunar trend Moon Walk! (Original I know!).

When I first started working in this post it was going to be much broader in scope and I had envisaged a post that focused more on space and the cosmos in general. But as I did my research I realised that actually there is no shortage of products for the home that would work for this lunar trend.

So, if you really wanted to bring the feelings of the space landings into your home it wouldn’t be all that difficult to achieve. A carefully chosen rug, a specially selected pendant light, a perfectly picked coffee table and you’re in!

Take a look at my selection below and let me know what you think of the lunar trend in interiors. Personally, I won’t be adopting this one, moon landings anniversary or not! But I do really like that mirror at number seven.

A selection of homeware products to achieve the moon trend in interior design


  1. Moon Rug by Circu
  2. Moon Coffee Table by Gubi, from Clippings
  3. Moon Pot by Serax, from Amara
  4. Moon Pendant Light by Verpan
  5. Moon Clock by Karlsson, from Amazon
  6. Moon Cushion from KSL Living
  7. Constellation Mirror by Tom Palmer
  8. Moon Coffee Table by Diesel for Moroso, from Einrichten Design

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