PREN Lighting by Louise Tucker

Hand woven PREN lighting by Louise Tucker suspended over dining table

As you all know I love discovering new designers to share with you guys. This particular designer came onto my radar back in March and I just know you are going to love her work as much as I do. Louise Tucker is a lighting designer and maker who is based in Cardiff. Her work is inspired by traditional weaving techniques, organic forms and time-honoured methods in textiles. She believes in combining tradition with innovation and enjoys the sensory nature of working with natural materials. Her PREN lighting range is a perfect depiction of how Louise likes to work.

Pren Lighting by Louise Tucker suspended in front of a window

Hand woven out of sustainably sourced specialist maple wood, the PREN lighting range features beautifully intricate designs that draws your attention and then allows your eyes to explore the changing patterns. By combining the custom methods of basketry and weaving with contemporary design, Louise has come up with a lighting range that is at the same time traditional and yet totally unique.

PREN lighting by Louise Tucker hanging above a small round dining table

Each PREN light structure is initially developed by repeatedly making small-scale models.  The design is finalised when the organic forms balance with the subtle beauty of the wood to create a refined simplicity, resulting in both a sculptural object and delicate light feature, made to enhance the decorative light in your space.

Louise Tucker, Lighting Designer / Maker

Each piece created by Louise (there are six versions of PREN) is woven by hand and her artistic vision, as well as the time and care that she has put into creating each light can be clearly seen in the high quality product that results from the creative process.

Pren Lighting collection by Louise Tucker

I absolutely love this light collection and I can see it working so well with a number of interior styles. It has a sophisticated boho vibe, it would work well in botanical interiors or tropical interiors. I can also see it in Scandi-inspired interiors. It’s actually very versatile. In fact, these lights would look amazing in my livingroom, if only I had high enough ceilings.

What do you guys think? What kind of interior can you see the PREN light working in?


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