The Heng Balance Lamp from Enso & Paris

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Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris on a desk in an office

One of the things that I really love about writing this blog is when start-up companies contact me to tell me about their work, the products they have developed, or even their Kickstarter campaign. Championing new brands is something that has always brought me joy and I love the fact that often the products are just really cool.

Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris on a desk behind a laptop

Take the Heng Balance Lamp for example. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a French company called Enso & Paris who wanted to send me a sample of their new table lamp to try out. Now, these days, I’m really quite selective about the things I agree to be sent. There aren’t that many things I need for my home so it has to be something a bit special to grab my attention. And the Heng Balance lamp is definitely special.

I’ve placed it on my desk as I needed a desk lamp. I prefer ones where the light isn’t too bright that it blinds you, but it’s still bright enough to work by and, as this light features a strip of warm white LED lights, the natural warmth and cosiness of the light it emits is just perfect.

Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris on a desk next to a levitating plant pot

I also like lights that make a bit of a statement and the Heng Balance Lamp doesn’t disappoint. I really like the unusual shape of the light which is apparently inspired by traditional Chinese round fans and window frames. The attractive curved design is made from high-quality beech wood which gives it a warm and natural appearance.

Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris on a desk in an office

But the really interesting thing about this desk light is the switch. Two wooden balls each attached to a string make up this unique take on a traditional switch. The balls contain magnets and when they are brought together they complete the circuit and illuminate the lights. The two wooden balls then hang suspended in perfect balance until you decide to turn the light off by pulling the balls apart.

Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris being switched on and off

I’m really quite taken with the enchanting user interface of this innovative mechanism. It really looks quite magical and I’ve already had lots of comments from others in my office asking how it works. It looks doubly enchanting next to my Lyfe Levitating Plant Pot.

Close up of the Heng Balance Lamp by Enso & Paris

It’s no wonder that the Heng Balance Lamp won the 2016 Red Dot Design Award and the Red Dot – Best of the Best Award. I really like the design of this light. It is the perfect mix of elegance, style and functionality. Whilst the design seems quite complex, the similarities to a traditional pull cord add a rare by refreshing simplicity.

The one thing I would mention is that it doesn’t come with a traditional plug. Instead, it is powered by a USB cable. This was fine for me in the office as I have plug sockets with integrated USB sockets but this could prove an issue for some users who may not have built-in USB sockets.

So what do you think of this light? Do you find it as charming as I do? And what do you think of the switch? Let me know in the comments.

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