The Sheppard Lamp by Morten & Jonas

Sheppard lamp by Morten & Jonas

We got a tad over-excited when we found this one – our namesake – The Sheppard. It’s a nifty neo-industrial lamp by Scandinavian design duo Morten & Jonas, made of aluminium and rubber, with the rigid power cord providing the bulk of its body. It’s a simplistic idea, reminiscent of New England pontoon lighting, but scaled down to easily be fitted and incorporated into any room in the house.

The shade is a tear-drop aluminium down-lighter, available in a range of colours, with a hard rigid power cable looped up and dropping vertically before forming a fixed pooling pattern at the floor and up to the power outlet. Its design is at once effective and understated, and we are huge fans of the interior stylings of these designers, whose fixtures are equal parts found-art and household chic. Plus it’s called The Sheppard. And everyone knows you can’t go wrong with that!

The Sheppard Lamp by Morten & Jonas

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