Unique Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Gourd lamp bracket VI - Waves Equilibrium
Gourd lamp bracket VI – Waves Equilibrium

I just had to feature these spectacular lights by a Polish designer who goes by the name of Calabarte. He creates the most magical lighting effects with his unusual choice of material and the results are just breath-taking. The lamps are made from the gourd, which is an annual tropical vine originating in Africa and Asia. Its dried, lignified fruits are used for various decorative as well as practical purposes. Calabarte‘s lamps are made from this unique fruit through a process of manual perforation and framing. Using natural materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship Calabarte is able to create some unique effects. As the shape of the fruit is determined by nature, and the framing created manually, each lamp is one of a kind.

Standing gourd lamp X by Calabarte
Standing Gourd lamp X
Standing Lamp XIV Globe II by Calabarte
Standing Lamp XIV Globe II
Standing lamp XIII by Calabarte
Standing lamp XIII
Standing gourd lamp XII by Calabarte
Standing Gourd lamp XII
Standing gourd lamp XI by Calabarte
Standing gourd lamp XI

So what do you think? Amazing aren’t they?

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