Juliette’s Short Interior Design Course

Advertisement feature: I am being gifted a place on this course in return for an honest review.

Short Interior Design Course over 5 days by Juliette's Design School at their Chelsea showroom in London

So guys, I promised you a long overdue update to let you know about all the exciting things that are going on in my life right now, which might also explain why I’ve not been posting so often. So here it is.

Firstly, I would like to announce that I am now fully freelance. I quit my part-time job just before the Christmas break and decided that it was time to dedicate myself fully to writing. It’s something I have wanted to do for, oh I don’t know, close to a decade now. However, the thought of being solely responsible for my own income has always been a bit scary and on top of that I’ve always been slightly put off by the idea of working from home on my own. You see I’m actually quite a social person and I like the energy that comes from working in an office with others. So I thought I’d find it too lonely working on my own. Well, it turns out I don’t! I suspect that now I have kids I relish the peace and quiet of being alone with my thoughts.

Secondly, I now have an exciting new role working as Content Editor for Warehouse Home magazine. This is a dream role for me as I absolutely adore industrial interiors and in fact my dream home is probably a converted warehouse. I simply love the raw, edgy, urban aesthetic industrial buildings offer, not to mention all the character that those original features have to offer and the insane amount of space. So now you’ll find me sharing projects, products, trends, interviews and books all about industrial interiors over on the Warehouse Home website too. Check it out here if you haven’t already.

Short Interior Design Course over 5 days by Juliette's Design School at their Chelsea showroom in London

And thirdly, I will soon be doing a short interior design course with Juliette’s Interiors. You may remember that I worked with Juliette’s before on a luxury bedroom design challenge? Well that challenge was just that, a challenge. I’m not very confident when it comes to putting together a room scheme. I’ve actually had no formal training in interior design despite the fact that people regularly assume I am an interior designer. So I have confidence issues that make designing room schemes a little bit outside my comfort zone.

So I’m hoping this short interior design course will help me to address those issues and that is my main motivation for wanting to do it. I’m not planning a career change or anything, but obviously in my line of work where I’m writing about interiors day in and day out, doing a design course will prove to be an extremely valuable experience for me.

The course is taking place in March and it is the first time that Juliette’s Interiors have run such training. They have very kindly given me a free place on the course so that I can go along and try it out and then share my thoughts with you. I’m sure many of you would be interested in this short interior design course given our mutual love for homes and interiors. So if that’s the case you’ll want to follow me on my journey next month as I report back.

Short Interior Design Course over 5 days by Juliette's Design School at their Chelsea showroom in London

What really attracted to me to this course is the fact that it is run over just five days. I’ve looked into doing courses before but they normally take a lot longer to complete, some up to a year, others over a period of six or maybe twelve weeks. I simply couldn’t commit to such a timescale, but a short interior design course over five days seems much more realistic.

So from the 4-8th of March I will be up at Juliette’s Chelsea showroom getting an insight into the process behind luxury, high-end residential interior design. Working with Juliette’s award-winning designers, me and the other students will be guided step-by-step through the fundamentals of the design process from initial concept to managing our own residential project.

There will be a maximum of five students on the course, which I feel is a really nice class size. It’s not so small that it becomes too intense, but it’s small enough to ensure that each student gets the attention and feedback that they will need for the duration of the course.

Short Interior Design Course over 5 days by Juliette's Design School at their Chelsea showroom in London

I always find it a bit of a challenge to pull a project together, especially when that project is my own home. So I’m hoping that this course will help to guide me in the right direction. The course aims to provide students with the tools to plan room layouts, choose furniture and soft furnishings and create complementary lighting schemes. So it sounds right up my street.

And the good news is that Juliette’s are currently running a competition to give away another free place on the March course. Hands up who wants to come with me? Form an orderly queue please. And now get your entry in here to be in with a chance of winning.

And it just gets even better, because if you don’t win, you will still be entitled to a fabulous 25% discount on the course fee just by entering. What have you got to lose?

If being on the same course as me isn’t incentive enough, perhaps the topics covered will convince you?

  • The Brief – initial consultation and fact-finding
  • Discovering colours, fabrics and finishes
  • Space planning
  • How to use low cost software to aid your designs
  • Mood boards – digital and physical
  • Soft furnishings
  • Lighting scheme
  • Proposal approval
  • Sourcing items
  • Costing schedule
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • The pitfalls and risks of designing a high end residential property
  • Logistics and installation
  • Snagging

There are just so many aspects that I can’t wait to cover on this short interior design course. I’ll be sharing my experience throughout the course on my social channels and I’ll also be doing a review post after the course. So if you’re interested in the course and don’t want to miss the review, make sure you subscribe to receive my weekly newsletter below.


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