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Disclosure: I was gifted a frame by King & McGraw.

Scandi Artwork Bespoke Framing King & McGaw

I can’t believe January is almost over already, that has just whizzed by. I’m starting to worry that I’m not going to get through all my plans for my home (again) this year. There just isn’t enough time in the year. But one thing that I am going to be able to achieve is finally getting all my artwork framed.

As I’ve explained before I’ve never been great at choosing artwork for my home and the fear that I will go off it has often stopped me from actually buying any in the first place. But I’ve become far more confident with my choices in the past year or so and I’ve finally invested in some really lovely pieces. Challenge overcome! Well almost.

I was pretty disappointed to learn just how difficult it can be to find the right frame for your artwork. Having finally taken the leap and chosen some great art for my home, I ended up still not being able to display it as I couldn’t find a frame that was the right size or colour. It was really quite frustrating. I mean the last thing you want to do is end up having to trim down a print so that it will fit into a frame, right? But luckily, I have since discovered online art retailer King & McGaw and their bespoke framing service.

Mid Century Modern artwork Bespoke Framing King & McGaw

The bespoke framing service is a relatively new offering from King & McGaw. It launched in November and allows you to custom design the perfect frame for your artwork. The frames are hand-made in England by framers with over 30 years experience.

Bespoke framing King & McGaw Howard Hodgkin framer at work

They come in a selection of solid wood finishes and are made to your exact specification.

Bespoke framing King & McGaw solid wood frame finishesThey also come with everything you need to compose your perfect frame and hang it on your wall. It makes the process of framing your artwork so easy and quick.

Bespoke framing King & McGaw assembly

It’s all done online. You simply have to measure the height and width of the artwork area you would like to display in your frame and enter these details into the website. Next, you pick the frame colour and then the frame style, add it to your cart and it is dispatched within three days.

Bespoke Framing King & McGaw coastal artwork

This is really great news for those of us like me, who end up with artwork sat in the corner of the room gathering dust while we hunt high and low for that perfect frame. Over a year ago, I won a competition on another blog and the prize was a beautiful print by Tom Pigeon. I’d been lusting after some of their work for ages so I was over the moon to have won. I had the perfect place for it in my hallway too.

Bespoke Framing King & McGaw Fitting Sequence

The print is A2 in size so I thought that it must be a pretty standard size for frames and a simple Google search will reveal a whole load of options. But the fact is that it’s not easy to find a nice frame in this size. Sure there were plenty of cheap looking options for as little as a couple of quid but nothing that offered the quality I was looking for. I was really quite surprised. I didn’t go to the bother of entering and winning a competition to get some brilliant artwork just to stick it in some naff frame. And so it sat in the corner of my bedroom in its postage tube, for over a year. Until King & McGaw got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their bespoke framing service. Would I? Hell yeah, I would! This could be the solution to all my framing problems.

Bespoke framing King & McGaw factory

I went through the simple online process to order my frame and after a short wait it arrived. The quality is amazing. I chose the slim frame in hand finished lime, which comes in at Β£40. I think this is very reasonable for a frame of this quality. It comes with plexiglass, which surprised me as I was expecting actual glass, but I’m very pleased it was plexiglass as it’s a far safer option with two toddlers in the house.

I tried for weeks to get a nice photograph of the print in it’s new position in my hallway but the lack of natural light in the winter months is such a pain. So I ended up photographing it at my parent’s house in their light-filled hallway. So apologies for that. I’ll try to get better photos in Spring.

King & McGaw Bespoke Framing Service

King & McGaw Bespoke Framing Service back of frameKing & McGaw Bespoke Framing Service corner of frame

King & McGaw Bespoke Framing Service Tom Pigeon Harbour 3

I can highly recommend this bespoke framing service by King & McGaw. Even if you need a really large format frame such as 100 x 70cm it still works out quite reasonable at about Β£72-Β£79 depending on the finish of the frame that you choose. So if you, like me, have prints and artwork gathering dust in the corner of your room waiting for the perfect frame, head on over to King & McGaw and take a look at their offering.

Disclosure: This post has been written in collaboration with King & McGaw who kindly supplied the product for the purpose of this review. This was done on the understanding that if I did not like it I would return it and wouldn’t feature it on the blog. All the opinions in this review are my own and I stress that I only collaborate with brands and companies that I genuinely like and believe that my readers will like too.

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