Eve Mattress : A Revolution in Mattress Design

Eve Mattress Special Edition typographic design

Today we have a very special post for you guys as we would like to introduce you to a new brand that sells really cool mattresses. I know, I know, that sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How on earth can mattresses be cool? Typically they are one of the most boring home interior items that exist and they don’t look interesting at all do they? And what does it matter because we just cover them in up with bedding anyway and we don’t tend to think about them again. At least not until they become uncomfortable and we decide to buy a new one. And then we are faced with the arduous task of trying to decide which mattress from the many, many on offer will be most suited to our needs. A memory foam mattress or a latex mattress? Do we need one that offers sanitized protection against dust-mites, funghi and bacteria or perhaps one that contains real, cleansing silver fibres? Or just maybe we need one that contains real Aloe Vera extract. No wait, what about a double-sided mattress with firm and soft sides just in case you and your partner like different degrees of softness. Oh crikey it really is a minefield with so many options. And at the end of the day all we want is a decent mattress that offers us the best night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank. Enter Eve Mattress.  

Eve mattress label close up

I wanted to share this post with you because I also like the story behind this brand. Eve was developed by a group of guys who have worked in the mattress industry for years and who wanted to simplify the process of buying a mattress and make it more pleasurable for the customer. They wanted to make it unnecessary to traipse around furniture stores testing mattress after mattress for a couple of minutes each. So after selling over 75,000 mattress and armed with years of feedback and research, the team at Eve Mattress decided to offer just one mattress. Yes you heard me right, just one. And that mattress would be suitable for everyone because it is, in their words “the perfect mattress”. They know this because they initially had 15 different versions of the mattress, which was vigorously tested by a group of beta testers until one mattress came out victorious. Plus, just in case you’re skeptical about whether the mattress actually is perfect, there is no risk involved when buying it as you’re able to test the mattress out at home for 100 days, and if you don’t like it you can simply arrange to have it collected for free and you’ll get your money back immediately. Nice idea, isn’t it?

Eve mattress

So when I was contacted by the guys at Eve asking if we would like to test their amazing new mattress I was pretty excited, mostly because the Eve mattress is beautiful. It’s simplistic design features vibrant yellow side panels that really make a statement. I’d not seen a mattress like this anywhere on the market before. Normally mattresses just look so dull don’t they? They don’t really look designed, although obviously they are. But I think you’ll agree that the Eve Mattress certainly appeals to the aesthetes amongst us. But it’s not just the look of the mattress that is important, as we’re always told it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And that is what makes this mattress different. Whilst most people these days tend to opt for memory foam mattresses as they offer the most comfortable experience available, there are two common complaints about memory foam. Firstly, it is a hot sleeping surface and secondly it is a non responsive surface so you tend to sink into the mattress. To counter these complaints, the designers have added an extra layer of latex which sits on top of the memory foam offering a cooler surface with more bounce. Clever!

I also love the fact that the Eve mattress is lovingly designed and manufactured right here in the UK. They’re designed in Camden in London, the covers are hand sewn in Manchester, while the side panels are knitted in Bristol. The foam is made and poured in a factory in Manchester, where the final mattress composition and packaging also takes place. Another Great British product we should get behind!

Bedroom Inspiration Moodboard Black White & Yellow

Now it was at this point that I started to think how cool this mattress would have looked in my bedroom had I have gone for my original black, white and yellow redesign when doing my bedroom makeover. You may remember my inspiration moodboard featured lots of lovely products that would have complimented this mattress just wonderfully. But alas, I opted for indigo so it seemed only right to pass this one on to Ruth to test as it clearly fits her style perfectly and I knew it would look great in her bedroom. I have to say at this point that we have been extremely lucky and were able to get our hands on one of the limited edition Eve mattresses that won’t even be available to buy until the spring. The one you can see in Ruth’s bedroom is a special typographic design that features various cheery quotes about the morning, the sun and waking up. There will also be a design that featured a giant fried egg, but the typographic design was an easy choice for us as we are both type nerds.
Eve Mattress Special Edition fried egg design

So the mattress was delivered directly to Ruth and surprisingly arrived in a rather small box, which was also very cool as it featured the same branding and had the typographic quotes printed inside the box. The mattress was vacuum packed to save space and for ease of delivery meaning that actually if you were worried about missing your delivery there is no reason why you couldn’t get it delivered to your work. And the bonus for those of you living in London is that you can get it delivered by bicycle courier on the same day that you order. Neat huh? And perfect for when you have unexpected guests you need to impress.

Anyway, so once Ruth had unpacked the mattress and left it to expand back to its normal shape, she was able to photograph it in her bedroom to show you some of the beautiful details.

Eve Mattress Special Edition typographic design close ups

Having slept on it for a while this is what Ruth had to say:

I have had this mattress for a few weeks now and expected to need a few nights to get used to it, but was totally wrong. I immediately appreciated the benefits of the mattress, especially as I have problems with my back. I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. It is comfortable and supportive with no roll together! Excellent mattress, only problem I have is I don’t want to cover up the amazing design!

So there you have it folks, sorry it was such a long post but I never, ever thought that it would be possible to get so excited about a mattress. If you’re as taken with Eve as we are you can buy your own over on the Eve website

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We have not been paid to write this post. However, Eve Mattress did kindly supply a mattress for the purpose of this review on the understanding that if we did not like it we would return it and wouldn’t feature it on the blog. Since writing this post we have joined the Eve Mattress Affiliate Programme. Any links in this post are affiliate links and therefore we will earn a small commission should you click through to the Eve website and make a purchase.

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