Designer Playhouses for Kids from Lullabuy

Kyoto Maxi Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

Happy Monday everyone! For today’s post I want to introduce you guys to some really cool designer playhouses for kids. I stumbled across these as I was looking for dolls houses for Matylda. I had no idea that something quite so cool was on the market for children and I have to say that it is one lucky kid that can call one of these their playhouse. I would love to be able to afford one of these for my daughter but sadly they are way out of my budget and my husband would think I’d gone insane if I even suggested we spend so much money on a playhouse (he just doesn’t get it!!). 

Hobikken Maxi Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

The Smart Playhouses are designed by David Lamolla Kristiansen who studied Architecture at the Politechnical University of Catalunya.  With his designs he wanted to “pay tribute to and promote the architectural buildings that have marked the creative Avantgarde tendencies since the middle of the 20th Century”.

What I love about these Lullabuy is the fact that they really do ressemble contemporary houses. They are simply miniature versions of the kind of architecture that you can see in our modern society. Just because they are designed to be used by kids doesn’t mean that they have to be any less realistic than an actual house. Plus it’s more than just the external appearance that gives these playhouses a realistic feel. When you buy one you also have the option of getting certain extras such as an artificial grass roof, carpet flooring, curtain guide, interior lighting and a key lock. I could really go to town kitting one of these out for Matylda and it would be so much fun choosing curtains and miniature furniture to fill it with. I’d love to know what you think about these playhouses. Are they ridiculously extravagant or a really special find?

Illinois Smart Playhouse by Lullabuy

Kyoto Twin Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

Casaforum Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

Kyoto Junior Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

Hobikken Indoor Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

Hobikken Mini Smart Playhouse from Lullabuy

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