Trend : Coloured Skirting Boards

Dulux Livingroom in purple with white skirting

Image c/o Dulux

When it comes to cutting edge interior design, one of the absolutely last things that will probably spring to mind is skirting boards. In fact, in my mind skirting boards are pretty boring and a bit of a non-entity. I rarely ever notice them and can’t say I’ve even thought of them much. They did briefly cross my mind when I was painting my hallway a couple of years ago. I noticed that ours have so many thick layers of gloss paint on them and I mentioned to my dad that I’d like to replace them. But he said there is a risk that removing them might rip the plaster off the wall so it could turn into a much bigger job. And that was the last time I thought about skirting boards. Until now, that is. I’ve been noticing a bit of a new trend when it comes to skirting boards. They’re not boring anymore. We’re used to seeing skirting boards similar to those in the picture above, aren’t we? Painted with pristine white gloss no matter what the wall colour. Have you ever been into a home that doesn’t have white or, at a push, natural wood coloured skirting boards? I know I haven’t. But in the last year or so I have been noticing a change of approach in the way that interior designers and paint companies are treating the humble skirting board.  Read More…

Brighten up Your Blue Monday

Blue Monday

I don’t know about you guys but it already feels like Christmas and New Year was a million months ago. As usual, once the festive dust has settled and all the decorations have been packed away for another year, we all slip back into the daily grind and winter no longer seems quite so magical without all the twinkly lights and mirror finishes. By mid January we realise we have at least another few months of this dreary weather to endure before spring arrives and it’s all made that little bit more depressing by the fact that Christmas was very costly so money is tight. It’s usually around this time also that we start to give up on those New Year’s resolutions that we were so invested in a few weeks previously. Our motivational levels start to sink and I think you’ll agree that the combination of all this doom and gloom makes us start to feel like we need to take action and start making changes. Today, the third Monday in January, has become known as Blue Monday and is allegedly the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere. But fear not, I have teamed up with the brains behind the new online paint service Dulux Amazing Space and together we can overcome the January blues and turn Blue Monday into ‘Happy Colour Monday. How can we do that, you ask? Well, the New Year is a great time to think about refreshing our home interiors and there is no simpler or easier way to do that than with a simple lick of paint to create a whole new look. Dulux Amazing Space has selected five bright and beautiful colours from the Amazing Space Paint range that they believe will give a new lease of life to our homes and help us fend off the winter blues until the spring arrives. Read More…

Dulux Colour of the Year 2017 : Denim Drift

Dulux Colour Futures 17 - Colour of the Year - Denim Drift - Kids Bedroom - Denim Drift, Sash Blue, Cornflower Bunch, Marine Waters

Every year, paint brand Dulux announces its Colour of the Year as part of its Colour Futures trend forecast. This involves a team of global colour and design experts who develop the annual forecast based on emerging trends in interior design, architecture, fashion, and beauty, as well as the social and economic influences that will affect the way that we live in the coming year. The overriding theme of Colour Futures 2017 is inspired by the idea of ‘life in a new light’ and is all about celebrating a new outlook on the simple things that make life special. With this, Dulux has announced that the Colour of the Year 2017 will be Denim Drift.  Read More…

colourcourage Paint from B&Q

Inspiration for ColourCourage BARCA DE LAGO paint by Lars Contzen

Morning folks, hope you’re all well? Today, I wanted to share with you all some beautiful images of a new paint range available from B&Q. colourcourage is a gorgeous new paint collection by one of my very favourite designers, Lars Contzen. I’ve been an admirer of his work since I first discovered him back in 2008 and I have done a couple of interviews with him since then. (You can read them here, here and here.) And now he’s back with yet another fantastic new collection that can help colour lovers and those who are slightly more colour cautious to bring their homes to life with some seriously dreamy hues.  Read More…

Introducing Valspar Paint

Valspar Paint

You are all well aware by now that I have a slight obsession with wallcoverings and that includes wallpaper, tiles and paint. Now that we own our flat I can actually consider using wallcoverings rather than just pinning them on my ‘Wonderful Wallcoverings‘ pinterest board. Surprisingly though, despite my love of wallcoverings, I don’t really know that much about paint, or is that so surprising considering I’ve never been able to paint my home before? I’ve used Dulux paint in the past when we decorated Matylda’s nursery and I’ve painted some furniture using Farrow & Ball but that’s about the extent of my painting experience. So when I was contacted a few months ago by Valspar Paint, I had to admit that I had never heard of the company. But I was definitely interested to learn more about it and I was super excited to be invited to my local B&Q store in Torquay to meet with a Valspar representative who could tell me all about it.

Read More…

Introducing Paint by Conran

Paint By Conran

Paint by ConranToday, I would like to share with you the delightful new range of interior paints from Conran. Inspired by British plants and landscapes, Paint by Conran is a 96 colour luxury paint range launched by Sir Terence Conran and his renowned design company Conran and Partners. It is carefully hand-crafted here in the UK by paint making experts with over 120 years of experience. The range features five collections of complementary colours that reflect the glorious British countryside.

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Environmentally Responsible Paint from Mini Moderns

Eco-friendly Paint by Minimoderns - Mustard

Mini Moderns is one of my all time favourite interior brands and they are yet to create something that I don’t totally love. Being a huge wallpaper fan, that was obviously what attracted me to them in the first place but since those early days the range of products that Mark and Keith produce has expanded at a rate of knots. In fact, the only reason that I don’t feature them more often is because just as I get around to penning a post on their latest product range they bring out another new one. I can barely keep up!

When I first received the press release about their new environmentally responsible range of paints, I wasn’t quite as excited as I usually am when discovering a new Mini Moderns product, I mean, what is there to be excited about with paint? How exactly do you make people swoon over paint? Visually it is a very difficult thing to make attractive I think. But, I was wrong and to be honest I feel pretty foolish for having doubted the boys. If anyone can make paint look deliciously appealing it’s Mini Moderns.

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Creative home ideas for kids

As I’ve divulged many times before here, I’m very keen to have creative kids and I think it’s extremely important for parents to nurture their kid’s creativity as they grow up. For me, the home should be somewhere where kids can experiment and unleash their creative tendencies without having to worry what effect it will have on the family home.

Obviously there have to be limits and this creativity has to emerge in a controlled manner…we can’t have kids taking biros and scribbling all over the walls or painting the carpets now can we? But there are many ways in which parents can design their homes in order to accommodate this creativity in a positive way. And here are just a few of my favourites.

Ideapaint provides a dry erase white board surface for kids to draw on

Ideapaint (pictured above) is a great idea for growing kids as they can draw on the walls until their hearts are content and at the end of the day the wall can be wiped down again ready for the next masterpiece. This would obviously be great for a playroom or nursery but I think it would be most useful somewhere like the kitchen where parents tend to be very busy but still need to keep an eye on the kids. You could sit them down and let them get arty while you get on with making dinner.

A giant chalkboard wall in the kitchen of a Barcelona Apartment (Via Digs Digs)

Having a wall painted with blackboard paint would serve the same purpose and I love th effect that it creates in the kitchen of this Barcelona apartment featured on Digs Digs. Something so simple could provide hours of family fun.

Colour in Wallpaper by Jon Bugerman

For other rooms in the house a great idea is using colour in wallpaper like this brilliant paper by designer Jon Burgerman. His paper features loads of intricate doodles of weird and wonderful little characters that can be lovingly coloured in by artistic children. This wallpaper would probably be best for older kids though who are capable of colouring inside the lines, purely because the design is quite complex.

Sitting Comfortably? Wallpaper by Mini Moderns

This wallpaper by Mini Moderns however would be suitable for kids of any age as the pictures are far simpler. It would also be great for instilling an early love of chair design into any budding little design aficionados. Afterall it’s important that they appreciate the finer things in life isn’t it?

Wallpaper Games by 5.5 Designers

Wallpaper Games by 5.5 Designers is another of my favourites and this one can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Ideal for use in the bathroom, the hallway, the kitchen or indeed a child’s playroom, this paper could provide hours of entertainment while kids seek out the hidden words or try to navigate themselves around the labyrinth.

Magnetic Wallpaper by MagScapes

I also love this magnetic wallpaper by MagScapes. The idea of magnetic wallpaper was first conceived by Patricia Adler in 1999. As an established product designer, Patricia says, “The inspiration came when trying to find a way to use walls as a canvas for creative expression. I found that using magnets was simple, clean, endlessly rearrangeable and most of all, fun!”

Patricia and co-founder, Jeremy Lee decided upon the name MagScapes to encourage people to create their own magnetic landscapes. Even babies and toddlers can enjoy this one.

Frames wallpaper by Graham & Brown

And finally, another of my favourites is this Frame Wallpaper by Graham & Brown. With this paper, every single drawing your kid does can be classed as a masterpiece that deserves to be framed and proudly hung on the wall. No more tatty bits of paper held on the fridge with magnets.

For me, this would make a great feature wall in the dining room and would give visiting dinner guests plenty to look at and talk about. And the kids would feel like they have their own private art gallery. They could even charge admission fees to earn some extra pocket-money!

If you enjoyed this post you may enjoy reading one I wrote on furniture designed specifically for children.

This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On Kids Room series’, a collaborative blogging project and I’m passing it on to Mary Middleton and Karen Haller

White board your walls

IdeaPaint is a single-coat, roller-applied paint that transforms any smooth surface into a high-performance, dry-erase writing board. Allowing any brainstorming or creative process to be big and bold, IdeaPaint creates dynamic environments within corporate, educational and home settings, such as conference rooms or hallways, home offices, hospital waiting areas and kids’ bedrooms. IdeaPaint is available in nine colours – white, light gray, white sand, off white, light beige, gray, orange, light green, cream and mauve.

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