2014 Tiling Trends from Topps Tiles

Cream metro brick tiles from Topps Tiles

Since we moved into our new home, all I can think about is re-doing our kitchen and bathroom. These are two of the most important rooms in a house in my opinion. But they are also two of the most expensive to do up and unfortunately we can’t afford any redecorating at the moment. To make things worse the person who previously owned our home “renovated” it to the most appalling standard, which is a bitter pill to swallow for someone as passionate about interior design as myself.

Until I can afford to do these two rooms up all I can do is dream and for now I’m keeping an eye out for inspiration so that I know what I’d like to do when the time comes. Tiles can be a huge part of any kitchen or bathroom decor scheme and can have a huge effect on the overall look of the room. There are some absolutely great tiles out there right now which are not only creatively adventurous but also aesthetically very courageous. I approached tiling specialists Topps Tiles to find out what the major tiling trends are for 2014 and these are the trends to look out for.

Brick effect tiles from Topps Tiles

Brick it up

The best interior décor ideas are always born out of a balance of two opposing ideas: traditional and contemporary styles, muted neutrals with pops of bold colour – interior design always has its yin and yang. The same can be said for the current trend for exposed brick walls; the industrial, unfinished look of an exposed brick feature wall can give an edge to sleeker, more elegant interiors. Still, people struggle to get the look if they don’t already have exposed brick walls in their home. That’s why we even went so far as to create brick-effect tiles – it’s hard to tell the difference between these and the real thing!

Head of Marketing, Beth Boulton

Patchwork tiles from Topps Tiles

Clashing prints

In 2013 we saw clashing prints all over the catwalk, with everything from paisley and baroque to graphic prints entering the mix. This year is no different, but you’ll see clashing patterns appearing in interior design, too. With our range, it’s easy to mix up some eye-catching prints in your home with patchwork tiles, though if you’re cautious about overdoing it, take a subtle approach with some patterned cushions.

Head of Marketing, Beth Boulton

FSWestminster encaustic Victorian tiles from Topps Tiles

Traditional design

While patterns were generally a big trend last year, 2014 will showcase many more traditional designs in interior décor. Ornate Victorian styles in particular – such as the prints on our encaustic-effect tiles – will be used to make a statement in otherwise neutral rooms, while vintage-style furniture will add character to contemporary interior décor.

 Head of Marketing, Beth Boulton

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