Wall & Deco 2014 Wallpaper Collection

Brush wallpaper by Wall & Deco

One of my favourite posts that has ever featured here on The Design Sheppard was all about an innovative range of Outdoor Wallpaper by an Italian company called Wall & Deco. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this company as it seems to really push the creative boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of wall coverings. It’s collections are exciting, adventurous, eye-catching and extremely impressive and the Wall & Deco 2014 wallpaper collection is no exception. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement in their interior as the over-sized designs are sure to be the focal point in any room in which they are used. Below you will find  a short video  which documents the inspiration behind the new collection. I’ve also selected a few images of the new papers to show you here but the 2014 collection is extensive and I highly recommend that you pop on over to the Wall & Deco website to take a look for yourself.  Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts either here or on Twitter @StaceyJSheppard.

Recut wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Silver Blossom wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Printemps wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Soul wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Imprinting wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Keith Bau wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Floor wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Camp Noire wallpaper by Wall & Deco

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  • we are intersted to stock heavy italian wallcoverings rolls of 70 +53 cm collections . it is a family business since 1968 . we are stocking from different suppliers : york + texdeco + fine decor + AS creation + Emiliana hoping to hear from
    omar bannoub

  • These are some of the most unique and interesting wallpapers I’ve seen.
    I took your advice and visited the website, just amazing. What talented designers.
    I especially love the concrete look with the raised blue tile effect.

  • I couldn’t see the video. Anyhow, I loved the wallpapers especially the three, the one having blue flowered with white painted roof, the second; grey wall with blue textured and the last but not the least is the grey wall with zigzag wood work at the bottom. These wallpapers are the inspiration for me and inspiration is first and perhaps the most important step in design process. Thank you for sharing the great article, I loved it.