Beautiful Bold Botanical Wallpaper from North & Nether

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A deep purple botanical wallpaper with a purple carpet and purple pouffe in front. An image of a woman with a cat n her shoulder and a lizard ion her arm with flowers obscurring her face hangs on the wall.

Rouge from the Vintage Floral collection features dahlias in rich crimson adding drama to your most intimate of spaces.

Botanical wallpaper is having a moment right now thanks to the huge surge in popularity of biophilic design. As we all seek to bring the great outdoors into our homes with all its associated benefits for our mental health and physical wellbeing botanical wallpaper is a relatively cheap and easy way to invite nature in.

North & Nether is the creation of Yorkshire-based Mara Nieuwsma who has used her background in fine arts and graphic design to launch a collection of statement botanical wallpaper that bridges the gap between home decor and art.

A beautiful teal and orange botanical wallpaper in a room with wooden floors. An open door is on the right and a closed door is on the left behind an upholstered orange chair.

Paradise from the Folklore collection features a vivid pattern of birds that pairs beautifully with antique furniture for an eclectic mix.

The British-manufactured luxury wallpapers are digitally printed in the UK, supporting local manufacturing whilst also being more sustainable. Digital printing also means that North & Nether can launch new designs more regularly and can easily create bespoke designs for clients.

A washbasin with mirror above in a grey bathroom with wall panelling on the lower half of the wall and botanical wallpaper above.

Mori from the Japandi collection is named for the chrysanthemum.

North & Nether launched earlier this year with five collections: Midnight Garden, Tropic, Folklore, Japandi, and Vintage Floral. Each luxury collection has four unique designs which are available in a single colourway. This brings the total to 20 luxury papers with another 10 planned for launch before the end of the year.

I wanted to design collections that would make a real statement on your walls – not blend into the background. The repurposing of found illustrations and objects, coupled with the inspiration of bygone eras and faraway lands, is at the heart of North & Nether designs. 

Mara Nieuwsma, Managing Director, North & Nether
A white free-standing bathtub on a marble floor with a green towel hanging over the side. A beautiful pink and blue floral wallpaper is on the walls

Robin from the Vintage Floral collection brings big, bold blooms in vibrant colours to your walls

The Midnight Garden collection was Nieuwsma’s original inspiration.

I wanted to pair elements together to create quirky designs that are a bit unexpected – such as Midnight Garden Thistle that has snakes twisting around the flower stems. Many of our designs lean towards darker colour palettes, which help to convey the theme of the collection.” 

Mara Nieuwsma, Managing Director, North & Nether
A utility room with black cabinetry and green floral wallpaper featuring bugs and butterflies.

Nightshade from the Midnight Garden collection has a lush bed of twisting vines and flowers being feasted on by beetles.

Now let’s be clear, these luxury botanical wallpapers make quite a statement. They are not for the faint-hearted or for lovers of the simplicity of minimalist interiors. These wallcoverings are for the bold and the brave. People who want to inject some personality into their home and let the walls make the biggest statement in the room.

A home office featuring aScandi-style oak desk and grey padded chair. Black botanical wallpaper on the wall featuring red and pink flowers and green leaves.

Opium from the Midnight Garden collection partners a grid of poppy species with honeybees.

They would be perfect for the 2022 trend of Joyous Maximalism that I wrote about late last year. This trend is an all-out explosion of colour, pattern and shape, particularly if it is playful and unexpected. Sounds like a perfect way to describe the botanical wallpaper by North & Nether.

A living room featuring a grey scalloped chair and a small black cabinet with table lamp on it. Black, green and pink botanical wallpaper is on the wall behind.

Palm from the Tropic collection showcases highly patterned butterflies against a linear palm print.

So if you are looking to spruce up your home and want to stand out from the crowd, consider choosing the wallpaper collections from North & Nether to add some Joyous Maximalism to the walls. If you’re not feeling brave enough to go all-in there is always the Japandi collection which is a little more understated and monochrome than the others.

Or alternatively, these beautiful botanical wallpapers would look fantastic framed in large antique frames hung on a wall painted in a colour of the same tonal hue as the paper. This would be a great option if you are renting and can’t personalise your space as much as you’d like. If you can’t even hang pictures, get a huge frame and stand it on the floor propped against the wall for added eclecticism.

So what do you think of the botanical wallpaper from North & Nether? Would you be keen to decorate with these unique statement wallpapers? Let me know in the comments below.

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