Graphic Wallpaper from Brennan & Burch

Lola Crest Wallpaper from Brennan & Burch

This week I wanted to show something a little different for Wallpaper Wednesday. Brennan & Burch is a surface design & lifestyle company that is widely known for its colourful and fantastical approach to design. They started out in fashion in 2000 with their own streetwear label and brand store in Carnaby Street in London then moved into interiors in 2008. Lisa Brennan creates bold, colourful hand-drawn illustrations and graphic prints for wallpaper and interior products by Brennan & Burch. Her illustrations have been licensed for use worldwide. Lisa can also be commissioned for commercial and bespoke projects.

These papers are not for the faint-hearted though. With bold colours and tongue-in-cheek designs, would you be able to live with such quirky wallpaper?

Tape Wallpaper by Brennan & Burch

Flats Monsters Wallpaper by Brennan & Burch

Skull Rose Wallpaper by Brennan & Burch

Alice Glamour Wallpaper by Brennan & Burch

Skull Frame Wallpaper by Brennan & Burch

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