Hua Trees Collection by Sian Zeng

Sian Zeng Hua Trees Collection of wall murals and fabric wall stickers

The beautiful collection that I’m sharing with you today is by the very talented Sian Zeng. I absolutely adore her work and I’ve featured her a couple of times here already. (You can read about her seasons collection here and her magnetic wallpaper here). Her work is so intricate and detailed and her latest products are just stunning. The Hua Trees Collection reflects Sian’s European and Chinese cultural heritage. It features full-scale mural wallpapers and fabric stickers that can adhere to walls to create an instant focal point. It’s really more like a work of art than a simple wallcovering. Each piece is hand painted at 100% scale using Chinese inks and then scanned to preserve every little detail. The stickers have a beautiful matte finish, are tear-resistant and scratch-resistant and are easy to reposition and remove. They are so feminine and so pretty. Let’s see what you think!

sian zeng hua trees mural in pink with girl

sian zeng hua trees wall mural in grey with mushrooms bench

sian zeng hua trees wall mural in grey with tipi and boy

sian zeng hua trees wall mural in pink close up

sian zeng hua trees london tree fabric sticker

sian zeng hua trees wall mural close up with mushrooms

sian zeng hua trees croatian fabric sticker set

So what do you think of these gorgeous murals and wall stickers? Aren’t they just so beautifully delicate and intricate?


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