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Holly Blue corner sofa from The Lounge CoHolly Chaise End in House Cotton Linen – Peacock Tail

As I have gotten older and become a homeowner I have discovered two things that tell me I am now officially a grown up. And that is that it is worth spending more money on your sofa and your mattress. After all, we spend so many hours sleeping that a good quality mattress is worth its weight in gold. And the same goes for the sofa as it is often the place where we spend a fair amount of our free time relaxing and chilling out with friends and family. At least it is in our house.

Having two tiny kids, I have to admit that I don’t have a great deal of time for lounging around, much to my dismay, but when I do find the odd few hours of an evening I expect my sofa to be a place of sanctuary that will help me unwind and enjoy the child-free time.

But choosing a sofa is never that easy, especially with all the choice that is available today. There’s all the different sizes, hundreds of different styles and thousands of fabrics to choose from. It can become a bit overwhelming. And that is why today I want to introduce you to The Lounge Co., a new player that has just entered the furniture market and that may be able to help make that decision a little easier.

Lola Grey corner sofa from the Lounge Co

Lola Corner Sofa in Tweedy Weave – Mouse Belly

The Lounge Co. is in fact so new that it only launched on 01 September. It offers contemporary, comfortable sofas and chairs at prices that are actually quite reasonable. What attracted me to The Lounge Co. in the first place is the fact that the furniture is designed and manufactured in Britain by the people behind G-Plan and Parker Knoll, so that should immediately give you an idea of the quality that you can expect. Great British design that won’t break the bank, that’s what we like to hear right?

Mallory Grey sofa from The Lounge Co

Mallory 4 Seater in House Cotton Linen – Rabbit Foot

As I mentioned, choosing a new sofa can be quite daunting when there is too much choice, but you won’t have this problem with The Lounge Co. They have launched with a specially curated range of 12 sofas, 6 chairs and 6 footstools, so this helps to make the decision a little easier.

However, that is not to say that there is a lack of options. Each piece is available in over 100 fabrics and colours, providing a wide range of configuration options. So it should be pretty simple to narrow it down and find your perfect sofa and chairs. The website is actually great for getting an idea of which sofa will best meet your needs. There is even a handy configurator to help you out.

Burnt orange Florence sofa from The Lounge Co

Florence 3 Seater in Herringbone – Queen Bee
Floyd Chair in Smooth Leather – Caramel
Harrison Oval Footstool in Soft Woven Chenille – Fox Tail

But choosing a sofa online isn’t everybody’s cup of tea as you just can’t get a proper idea of what a sofa is like unless you can see it in the flesh and sit on it to see how it feels. Buying a sofa is not just a financial decision after all, but an emotional one so it really does help to be able to experience it with almost all your senses before laying out all that hard-earned money.

And it’s for that reason that The Lounge Co. has a showroom in Chiswick as well as 21 carefully placed showrooms throughout the UK, allowing you to easily see, touch and sniff every model! These showrooms are housed within independent furniture retailers who often have generations of furniture expertise and can offer a more personal service. So really you get the best of both worlds with the great prices typical of online shopping along with the geographical accessibility of an independent bricks-and-mortar store. What more could you ask for? I reckon you’re guaranteed to find love at first sit.

Phoebe Green sofa from The Lounge Co

Phoebe 3 Seater in Cotton Linen Weave – Pistachio Dust
Harrison Circle Footstool in Cotton Linen Weave – Pistachio Dust
George Chair in Crushed Velvet – Elephant Trunk

So having perused the range in meticulous detail, I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces with you today and explain why I have taken a shine to The Lounge Co. I think my favourite from the whole range has to be the Holly (see first image above). I really like the cocooning shape of it and the gently pulled in back cushions. I also like the fact that the arms are high enough to provide support, but not so high that you feel like you always have to sit bolt upright. After a day running around after my two I want to properly lounge around and get comfy and the Holly looks perfect for this. I also really like the snuggler version of the Holly. Imagine curling up in that this winter with a good book and a steaming cup of cocoa.

Holly Grey Snug chair from The Lounge Co

I also really like the look of the Lola corner sofa. If I had more room in my flat I would love to have a corner sofa and the Lola looks great for cosying up with the family.

Lola Blue Corner sofa from The Lounge Co

Finally, on my radar is the Florence and I particularly love the colour of this one below. I really love the 50s-inspired retro styling of this one and the fact that the high back cushions have built-in lumbar support.

Florence Navy Blue 2.5 seater sofa from the Lounge Co

I also like that the furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee and the fact that it is available in a range of easy-clean family-friendly fabrics. Oh, and as an added bonus, delivery is FREE on all orders over £300.

So what do you guys think? Is The Lounge Co. a company you’ll be checking out next time you decide to purchase a new sofa? Let me know, won’t you?

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