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Rebelwalls wallpaper

It’s been a while since I posted about wallpaper but I’ve been rather distracted by all the new AW14 Home collections that have been coming out recently. Then as I was browsing my rather hefty drafts folder I remembered this great company that I had bookmarked for a post. Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company with its own design studio and production headquarters in Borås. It offers a wide range of designer wallpaper but also offers the opportunity for customers to create their own patterns tailored to their requirements, both in terms of dimensions and design. Irene and Christofer Gimmersta, the founders behind Rebel Walls, are no beginners in terms of wallpaper. Part of the Gimmersta group, they have extensive experience in the wallpaper industry and are behind a number of wallpaper brands available in the market today. Their vision for Rebel Walls, which launched in Spring 2013, was to revolutionise the wallpaper industry by taking a step away from the idea of traditional collections linked to long-running collection books. I think it is safe to say that they have achieved their goal!

Rebelwalls wallpaper

Here I have featured just a few of the papers that caught my eye as I was browsing the extensive collection but there is surely something for every taste. From nature, botanica, typography and vintage to city, travel, art and surfaces, there are all manner of great papers and murals that will help you to feel a little bit more rebellious in your home.

Rebelwalls wallpaper

We wanted to create something new with Rebel Walls and think outside the box. We have been
experiencing an increased need to create wallpapers in short runs for a personal decor and we are now in a position to help with fun, imaginative and unique wallpaper

Irene and Christofer Gimmersta 

Rebelwalls wallpaper

To be a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish for something that not yet exist, you have to create it yourself. We have chosen to use our experience in a new wallpaper company that thinks outside the box and give you the tools to make a difference on your terms

Irene and Christofer Gimmersta

Rebelwalls wallpaper

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for writing about us and we feel very happy and pleased that you all like our wallpapers!

    In the end of August we launch all designs in the new collection Greenhouse. If you like flowers and botanical prints you must have a look!

    Wish you all a nice summer!

  • This is unique! Trust me I never saw something as fantastic as this one. Especially the third one that seems like multiple frames for one picture :) Now I have to catch Rebelwalls in their website! Thanks you so much..

  • I like it! I like all of them! This is an easy and effective way to decorate and a simple rebel wall could change the whole room. There are so many different colours and designs that everyone could find what he is looking for. My favourite once are those that make the illusion of convex walls.

  • Hi Stacey,
    I’ve just looked at the Rebelwalls site after reading your post ……. these wallpapers are spectacular! So different from anything else I’ve seen. They’ve certainly given me plenty of new ideas for our home; and, if you were thinking of creating a feature in a room, not expensive. In fact, the wallpaper would be the feature!!
    Thanks for the lead.

  • Great new ideas for feature walls there. The quality of the print is really high and really effective. Wow. I love these designs, especially the wooden horizontal planks with the floral print.