Interview : Wild Hearts Wonder

Wild Hearts Wonder Wild Cats wallpaper

It’s been a while since I shared a fantastic wallpaper with you guys so today you are in for a bit of a treat. I was introduced to this particular company by renowned interior stylist Pippa Jameson who thought I might like their new wallpaper range for children. Needless to say she was spot on. Wild Hearts Wonder is a children’s lifestyle brand that features hand-painted print ‘stories’ across interiors,clothing and accessories, that was founded by sisters Mairead and Emily. Having done I bit of research into the company, I really liked what they stand for and I think we share similar values and attitudes.

When it comes to my kids, I personally try to steer them away from the mass market products that most kids are seduced by. I don’t encourage a love of Disney princesses for example or any kind of children’s TV characters for that fact (Peppa Pig anyone?). Instead I try to look for things that are a bit out of the ordinary, more educational and that encourage them to use their imagination and build their own character. It’s so easy to simply jump on the bandwagon and accept what is marketed to children, but I prefer to gently encourage my girls to seek out things that are more meaningful and beneficial. (Remember this Magical Children’s Bedding that made me cry?)

And this is what struck me about this beautiful wallpaper range for children. It is very creative and the detail is just stunning. It also allows children to use the wallpaper as inspiration for storytelling, which is such a valuable skill. So I decided that I wanted to know more about Wild Hearts Wonder, and their beautiful wallpapers as well as the inspiration behind the company and their design philosophy. You can read the interview with co-founder Mairead below.

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Timber Strips Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

Timber Strips Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

You’ve probably heard the names Piet Hein Eek and NLXL on this blog many times before, and so you should have because I wrote about them here and here. I’m basically obsessed with their work, so imagine how happy I am to get to write about another of their collaborations that launched at Dutch Design Week last month (Oct 2017). After the success of their last collaboration, NLXL and Piet Hein Eek have joined creative forces once more with a new range called the Timber Strips Collection, a back-to-basics approach using faux wood designs for wallpaper.

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Marble Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper

Morning everyone, how was your weekend? Over too quick, right? Well, there’s nothing we can do about that, but thought I’d pop by this morning to brighten your day a little with this fantastic marble wallpaper I’ve discovered from Murals Wallpaper (the same company that makes these gorgeous Terrazzo wall murals I featured a few weeks ago). Marble has been a big trend in interiors over the last few years. It started out with Carrara marble being a highly covetable material but as the trend matured we saw more colourful marbles taking centre stage. I wasn’t a fan if I’m honest, but now I’ve seen this stunning marble wallpaper I’m totally converted. Isn’t it just beautiful? What an amazing statement wall this would be. I’m particularly drawn to the pinky ones and blush pink is a big trend at the moment too so this would tie in nicely. By using these faux marble wallpaper prints you can add the class and elegance of marble to your home without the expense and hassle of sourcing real marble. Take a look and let me know what you think, okay? Read More…

Trend : Painterly Watercolour Wallpaper

Anthology Definition wallcovering Obsidian - Watercolour wallpaper

I’ve noticed the watercolour trend hitting the interiors scene over the past few years and I was wondering if any of you have noticed it too? It started off in accessories like cushions and fabrics, then we saw tableware and ceramics following suit. But it seems to me that this trend is getting stronger and stronger as lots of lovely new collections of watercolour wallpaper are popping up at the moment. My inbox has been a hotbed of activity in the past two weeks as I have received email after email about these gorgeous wallcoverings that are inspired by painterly techniques. Whether it’s paint splatters, watery inks, or visible brush strokes, these beautiful papers are taking inspiration from the artist’s palette to create something really stunning. So today I thought I’d share my findings with you. Read More…

Materials Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for NLXL


NLXL is one of my favourite wallpaper suppliers and I’ve featured them a couple of times now. You can see those posts here. This has got to be one of my favourite wallpaper ranges yet though and I really am smitten. The Materials Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek is just to die for. It features 10 contemporary designs that create a magnificant trompe l’oeil effect. Together the Dutch designer and the premium wallpaper manufacturer have created an amazing collection that features everyday materials such as plywood, brick, stone and marble. The white marble is probably my favourite as I am a big fan of the marble trend at the moment but the metallic marble paper is also really stunning. These papers would look fantastic in a residential or a commercial interior and although I haven’t seen them up close, they look pretty realistic from the images, don’t you think? Read More…

Geometric II Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Cole & Son Geometric II Apex Grand Wallpaper

This time last month, we were getting ready to celebrate National Wallpaper Week, but for any of you who are regular readers of The Design Sheppard you will know that I do not need a national celebration to sing the praises of wallpaper. So when I came across this wonderful collection I just had to share it with you. Geometric II Wallpaper by Cole & Son offers a modern take on the decorative geometric style of the early 20th century. It is inspired by international Art Deco architecture and styling and the dazzling mosaic tiles found in many a Deco interior. I’m a big fan of geometrics so this collection really appeals to me. Most of the papers can definitely be described as statement papers and they are probably not for the faint hearted. But if you’re trying to step outside your comfort zone and make a big impact with your wallpaper, this collection could be the one for you! Read More…

Celebrating the Inaugural National Wallpaper Week

National Wallpaper Week with Graham & Brown

So this week, 05-11th October 2015, sees the very first incarnation of National Wallpaper Week and I personally think this is long overdue. Wallpaper is one of my big passions and I think it deserves to be celebrated as often and as much as possible. The week-long celebration is the brain child of Graham & Brown, the international wall decoration group that specialises in British-made, design-led products. In their words, National Wallpaper Week was “born out of the burning ambition to get the world shouting about wallpaper, this week is a celebration of design, colour, pattern and passion, and how the humble roll can transform a space within a matter of hours.” I’ve featured Graham & Brown products on the blog a number of times as they really are at the forefront of wallpaper design, collaborating with many influential, big name designers to create a portfolio that really does have something for every taste. I will be celebrating National Wallpaper Week with my own home decoration project that I will be sharing with you later this week but in the meantime I thought it might be nice to link to 10 of my favourite wallpaper posts from my archive. Simply click on the link below each image to find out more about the papers. Enjoy! Read More…

Marble 2.0 Wallpaper by Lilesadi for Photowall

Marble 2.0 wallpaper designed by Lilesadi for Photowall

The trend for marble in interiors is one of my favourites right now and I love the fact that all these traditional, timeless, utilitarian materials are coming back into fashion in a big way. I’ve been frantically pinning the array of great marble products for the home and I will share them with you in a post soon as there are so many gorgeous pieces around at the moment. One of my latest finds is not actually marble but is clearly inspired it. Marble 2.0 is the latest wallpaper from Dutch design studio Lilesadi and it made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. Not only is it inspired by marble but it also incorporates another of my current interior trend obsessions which is concrete. The wallpaper is a real stunner and combines marble and concrete in a beautiful pattern that incorporates soft pastels which really adds a feminine touch to the rather masculine and industrial materials.  Read More…

Sian Zeng Launches Seasons Wallpaper Collection

Sian Zeng Summer Tropical Bloom Wallpaper

I have been a big fan of designer Sian Zeng for some time now and I wrote about her fabulous magnetic wallpaper here on the blog last year. Well she has just launched a new wallpaper collection for 2015 called Seasons and it certainly does not disappoint. As the name of the collection would suggest, the wallpaper is inspired by the ethereal beauty of the changing seasons. The bold, dramatic designs are beautifully detailed and really bring the seasons to life with an artistic mural like feel. My personal favourite of the designs is Tropical Bloom as I love the jungle feel and the bright pops of colour added by the flowers and the beetles. But then I also like Wild Rain as it has a more delicate painterly touch to it and I really like the way the paint drips down the paper as if the rain has made it run. However, out of all the papers, I would probably be more inclined to use Snow Drift in my own home as this is the one that I find most calming and it’s important to me that my home is a serene and relaxing environment. But what about you guys? Do you have a favourite? Read More…

Giveaway : Win £500 worth of Wallpaper from Mr Perswall

Cast Concrete Wallpaper by Mr Perswall

Today my lovlies I have a fantastic giveaway for you as I have teamed up with the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer Mr Perswall who has kindly offered to give one lucky Design Sheppard reader £500 worth of wallpaper. How fantastic! And what a wonderful way to start 2015 that would be. Although it would be a very hard decision to make as the Mr Perswall collection is rather extensive and features some really standout papers. Whether you are looking for wallpaper that features photographs of Paris (one of my favourite cities), action shots of extreme sports, fashion-inspired imagery or wallpaper that imitates the texture and appearance of other materials, Mr Perswall has it all. My personal favourites are the Captured Reality and Daily Details collections as both of these explore the beauty that can be found in the most mundane of details. I am particularly fond of the papers that depict some of my favourite materials such as concrete and marble. Thanks to the latest photographic technology these papers can be printed in extraordinarily high resolution meaning that even from a short distance it is almost impossible to tell that this is in fact wallpaper and not a wall of tin tiles for example. However, if none of these float your boat you always have the option of creating your own personal wall mural by uploading your own digital image. If I had even the slightest bit of talent when it comes to graphic design, I would have without doubt designed my own wallpaper by now. Read More…

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