Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon for NLXL

Concrete wallpaper 01 by Piet boon for NLXL

Another Wednesday, another beautiful collection of wallpapers on the blog. This week I am featuring the seven delectable designs that make up the Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Dutch designer Piet Boon for NLXL. The award-winning Piet Boon design practice creates bespoke contemporary architecture, interiors and products for the global luxury market and is famous for it’s design philosophy of refined sophistication. In this collaboration with NLXL, Piet Boon used concrete as inspiration to create a unique and very striking wallpaper collection that allows you to give an industrial and urban feel to any interior space. I am so impressed with the way that these authentic papers are almost indistinguishable from real concrete and I would love the opportunity to see them up close and touch them. I often dream of living in a converted industrial building such as a warehouse but I know that this is just a pipe dream. However, products such as this concrete wallpaper allow people to bring elements of an authentic industrial interior into any space. Take a look and see what you think!

Piet Boon infront of Concrete Wallpaper 03

Piet Boon says:

Concrete with its sober, subdued character is one of my favorite materials. And now there is this fabulous wallpaper which lets one transform a space, be it a wall or ceilings easily and in a very affordable way. We also plan to use it for wainscoting panels and ceiling. Another huge advantage is that minor damages don’t show. They seemingly simply disappear naturally in the ‘structure’

Concrete wallpaper 06 by Piet boon for NLXL

Concrete wallpaper 05 by Piet boon for NLXLConcrete wallpaper 04 by Piet boon for NLXL

Rick Vintage, founder of NLXL says:

Piet Boon is one of our idols. We are absolutely thrilled to create a backdrop for his contemporary designs. The rough edge of concrete has always been present in his interiors, so our teams got together to create Concrete Wallpaper. You won’t believe your eyes, it is better than the real thing! It has been a wonderful experience to work with Piet and Karin Boon and their team

Concrete wallpaper 07 by Piet boon for NLXLConcrete wallpaper 03 by Piet boon for NLXLConcrete wallpaper 02 by Piet boon for NLXL

This fantastic wallpaper is available from Live like The Boy

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  • What a brilliant find! Love the idea – so often we end up living in places not out of choice but necessity of location, jobs, commitments etc etc and something so simple and un-committing as a wall paper can help create the space you have always dreamed about!

  • What a great find Stacey! We’re now looking for a house and started to fall in love with the concrete look, but we’re a bit scared of venturing into ‘proper’ concrete. This can be a great solution!

    • Ooooh you’re looking for a house Justyna? How exciting!! I hope you find something amazing. I’m the same with concrete, really love it but would be too scared to indulge in a big way for my own home. It could just be a transitory trend that we will end up regretting in years to come. But with this paper it would be easy to remove it if you did go off it. There are loads of great concrete accessories around at the moment though! good luck with the house hunt!