Sophisticated Rubber Floor Tiles

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Ice Grey

You’re probably sick of hearing about how much I hate the floor in our kitchen. I wrote about it in this post and in this post. It will be quite a big job to get it fixed so I’ve been putting it off…for years. It really does need tackling though so I’ve always got my eye out for suitable flooring that we could use in our kitchen. I had considered cork flooring as it offers great design flexibility. I like the fact that it is a sustainable material that will not absorb dust, is resistant to bacteria and fungus and also has great insulation properties. However, I’ve sort of gone off that idea now and that is because I found the most amazing looking rubber floor tiles from Harvey Maria that would look stunning in our monochrome kitchen.

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Fossil Grey

Harvey Maria is a leading vinyl flooring brand and I know a few bloggers who have used their tiles in their home makeovers. Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary transformed her hallway and cloakroom using Harvey Maria flooring as well as her daughter’s bedroom. Susie from Old Fashioned Susie also used Harvey Maria flooring in her hallway makeover, and Jen of Love Chic Living used the flooring to transform her hallway and more recently her dining room. So I know that this a great company and I love their stunning designs. But these rubber floor tiles are definitely my favourites.

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Peppermint Cream

They are high on impact, extremely practical and look the business. They come in 10 distinctive colours from statement tones to subtle pastels and dark, dramatic hues (Fossil Grey, Chilli Pepper, Jaffa, Black, Peppermint Cream, Midnight Blue, Cobalt Blue, Forever Green, Caramel and Ice Grey) so there is an option to suit all interior schemes.

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Fossil Grey

Rubber floor tiles are also a fantastic choice for kitchens and bathrooms as they are water resistant, and incredibly durable. I like the fact that they are warm to the touch too as there is nothing worse than walking on a cold floor when you are barefoot. You can also use these tiles if you have underfloor heating which would make them even warmer.

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Ice Grey

The tiles are quite large at 50cm x 50cm so in a small kitchen like mine there wouldn’t be too many joins which is always good to know. Apparently they are effortlessly easy to install and maintain too which is bonus and they come with a 15 year guarantee.

Harvey Maria Rubber Flooring - Peppermint Cream

I just need to look into this a bit more to find out just how easy it would be to install these over my crappy uneven floor tiles. Removing them or levelling them up first is going to be the hard and messy part. But I really love the look of this flooring. What do you think? Would you ever go for rubber floor tiles in your home?

22 Responses to Sophisticated Rubber Floor Tiles
  1. Jenny Kakoudakis Reply

    Hey Stacey, I have given these quite the thought for our bathroom (and love their colour ways) and have often been told that it is easier to tile over existing tiles than remove and level the whole floor again. My only reservation in using these in a kitchen would be that we usually end up dropping oily things on the floor (we’re a messy family what can I say) and I would think that rubber will not be as easy to clean as stone or ceramic tiles? In which case, you can go first with your makeover, let me know how it goes and I will follow :D

  2. Anne Marie Reply

    They look very stylish and very practical too 😉 I love the choice of colours too 😊

  3. Laura Potts Reply

    Flooring has become a new interest of mine and this is beautiful! Love the grey and would be a great conversation started I bet!

  4. Arianna Reply

    Now these are super practical and they look great! A x

  5. Juan Sandiego Reply

    I was already convinced to update my bathroom floor with vinyl. Now, these tiles look fresh! (I like the minty coloured ones). It seems to be the most practical solution for bathrooms and kitchens.

  6. Rosanna Alicia Design Reply

    Ooooh I love the look of these! Especially the Peppermint colour with the peach panneling – dreamy! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with these if you do go for them. We have the most awful old lino in our kitchen so an update is on the cards…

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      If I can summon the courage to get the tiles levelled at some point then we can move forward and finish the kitchen. Good luck with your update!

  7. Anna Urban Reply

    This is something I would need in my bathroom as aqua pannels failed miserably after only 3 years of fitting!. It is great to see such a wide range of colour too. Thank you for sharing. x

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      This would be perfect for a bathroom. Probably even better than for a kitchen.

  8. Mary | hellopeagreen Reply

    ohhhhh those dots. I love them and I want them, especially in white or mint. Gorgeous Stacey. they’d be brilliant with underfloor heating.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      Yeah they really would Mary. Sadly we don’t have underfloor heating though.

  9. Pati Reply

    Oh yes ! Its easy to instal , and clean plus you can change it if you ever get bored of it ! I love it x

  10. Fiona Reply

    These tiles look fab but I would echo the practicality point that Leigh makes above. I know from prior experience that they’re tricky to keep looking clean. Maybe not such a bother in darker shades though.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      This is definitely something I’d need to take into consideration. Made a similar mistake in the bathroom with Matt white tiles on the floor. They are soooooo hard to keep clean. Look fab when freshly cleaned but that doesn’t last long.

  11. Leigh Davies Reply

    I do think these look great but I honestly wouldn’t recommend textured floor tiles in a kitchen (I used to have some although they weren’t lovely like these).
    I found that bits got trapped in the texture and they were so difficult to clean. You just sweep or mop the bis (crumbs and bits of cat food in my case) and end up having to scrub them out. Horrid!
    Sorry to be negative about your idea but just don’t think they’re practical in a kitchen.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      Thanks Leigh for the advice. It’s definitely something to consider. I hate cleaning as it is so don’t want to make things even more bothersome! Will have a think!

  12. Carole Reply

    I think they would look fab in your kitchen Stacey. As you say practical AND beautiful. x

  13. Susan Earlam Reply

    Hey! Your floor would need a thin screed, which would level it all out then it’d be glued on top. It’s a pain but worth it!

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      It would transform the space Susan so I’m definitely going to have to bite the bullet and get it done!

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