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Vipp Hotel Copenhagen Loft Livingroom

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about the stunning Vipp kitchens. Well, today I want to share with you an unusual concept for a hotel from the same Danish company. The Vipp Hotel is unusual in the fact that once you check in, it is fully booked. You see, instead of having many rooms in one location like a regular hotel, the Vipp Hotel offers unique rooms at various destinations. The hotel currently consists of just two rooms, with plans afoot to open a third sometime this year. Unlike a traditional hotel there is no reception or concierge, no 24-hour lobby, no gym, no daily housekeeping and no fitness facilities. That is because the Vipp hotel is a self-service concept designed to offer a tailored and curated design experience where guests can interact with the interior of the hotel rooms.

Vipp Loft


Vipp Hotel Copenhagen Loft Livingroom

The Vipp Loft is a 400m2 urban apartment space on the top floor of the Vipp office, just 10 minutes from the heart of Copenhagen. It was designed by renowned Danish architect, David Thulstrup, and features a kitchen, dining and living area and a bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The mezzanine level features a bedroom and library/office space. There are also three small outdoor terraces. The loft sleeps max 4 people in 2 queen size beds.

Vipp Hotel Copenhagen Loft Bedroom

Our destinations all share the same goal; we want to invite people to experience firsthand our philosophy of good design in a place out of the ordinary.


Vipp Hotel Copenhagen Loft Kitchen

Vipp Shelter


Vipp Hotel Sweden Shelter Exterior

The Vipp Shelter is a 55m2 black steel structure situated near Lake Immeln in the Swedish wilderness. Every detail of the Vipp Shelter has been envisioned by Vipp Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen. It features a kitchen, dining and living room area, bathroom and a mezzanine bed loft big enough to sleep two in a queen size bed.

Vipp Hotel Sweden Shelter Outside

Make no mistake though, the shelter really is in the middle of nowhere. Whilst this is fantastic for those looking for a human charging station in the outback, it is worth bearing in mind that the nearest city is Kristianstad which is 23 km away. So make sure you bring everything you need with you.

Vipp Hotel Sweden Shelter Bedroom

We craved birdsong and open skies. To get out of the city with all the necessities and nothing more. The shelter is the result of that dream. A pod of tranquility designed as a large-scale Vipp product.


Vipp Hotel Sweden Shelter kitchen

Chimney House

Opening this Spring (2018) as the third room of the Vipp hotel, Chimney House is an historic landmark near the harbour of Northern Copenhagen. It was once a water pumping station but has been dormant in ruins for many years. The building has been restored, renovated and transformed into a contemporary living space by Studio David Thulstrup and Aarstiderne Arkitekter.

If you read my post about Vipp kitchens, and were intrigued by the unique style and application of this forward-thinking design strategy, then what better way to see it than by staying somewhere designed and styled like a showroom, fully interactive and finished so you can view the final design. The Vipp hotel allows you to take a break whilst researching your new kitchen.. And if you do decide to purchase your own Vipp kitchen, the hotel stay is on the house!

In a store you can only interact with products to a certain level. Why not experience it for real, live with it and cook in it? A Vipp kitchen is for life. But you can start with just a weekend.


I would love to stay in one of these beautiful places. Both the loft and the shelter offer a very different experience and I’d like to stay in both. How about you? Don’t forget to pin this post! It might come in handy next time you’re on the lookout for somewhere unique to stay.

Vipp Hotel is a unique self-serve design hotel concept in Sweden and Copenhagen where you can experience the beauty of Vipp products

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