TYLKO : Custom Built Storage To Fit Your Space

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my husband is actually Polish and since we met I have taken a really keen interest in Poland and all things Polish. I’ve been trying to learn the language for 10 years now and I’ve still not nailed it despite having a natural talent for languages (I have a first class degree in French, German and European Studies). My interest in Poland also extends to the Polish design scene which has been steadily making waves here in the UK.

You’ve probably come across the likes of Tomek Rygalik and Oskar Zięta before, or at least you’ve seen the products that they have designed. There are some really great product designers coming out of Poland at the moment and I’ve been meaning to do an article on this for ages. The latest company to come onto my radar from Poland is Tylko (the Polish word for “Only”). The Warsaw-based furniture start-up launched in September 2015 at the London Design Festival and is currently disrupting the flat-packed furniture industry with its custom built storage solutions that can be made to fit any space. Their slogan cleverly describes what they do as making “shelves that stand out because they fit in perfectly”.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your spaceTylko was founded by a group of four interdisciplinary innovators with backgrounds in architecture, parametric design, branding and business development. Their expertise in design and technology has allowed them to create products that encourage us to change the way that we think about furnishing our homes. Tylko believes that we should be designing our homes according to our needs and once we are able to do this it will help us to improve our quality of living. This is something that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Parametric design, is a big part of what Tylko does. This is a process whereby the parameters of a product are determined by a code or algorithm that has been written by parametric designers. The result is that the end user has much greater control over the outcome of the design process. Therefore the end-product is better suited for the user’s personal requirements, both aesthetically and practically.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

Tylko prides itself on using the best quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction. They source their plywood from Finland and the factories that they partner with have various certifications such as FSC and PEFC-timber. This highlights their sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies. This approach allows Tylko to make furniture that’s so durable it will outlive the trees planted to replace them. So these are products are perfect for people who are looking to invest in environmentally-friendly, sustainable products.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

Tylko‘s products are also aimed at a design savvy audience (that’s you guys!). They will particularly appeal to people with a penchant for minimal or Scandinavian design aesthetics. People who will love Tylko are those who already take great pride in carefully choosing high quality, well-designed products that stand the test of time and perfectly meet their needs. They won’t mind paying that little bit extra to get a completely custom built storage that is bespoke to their home.

On the other end of the scale though, I’m guessing that Tylko will also appeal to those who shop in IKEA and are prepared to do a bit of self-assembly, but who want a product that is not necessarily mass produced. However, they will need to be willing to wait a bit longer for delivery and pay a bit more for the bespoke experience.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

Tylko is also aimed at a more tech savvy audience who are able to use their innovative multi platform app. It is this app that enables you to design your custom built storage using the Augmented Reality feature. You can adjust
furniture dimensions, style and material, as well as adding doors to your design to create the ideal storage that you can actually see in situ (virtually), before you buy it. You can also share your designs as photos or record them in Augmented Reality movies to help you choose the perfect configuration. You can then order your storage unit directly through the app and have it delivered straight to your door in manageable flatpack boxes that are numbered for ease of assembly. Tylko ships to most of Europe and delivery is free.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

Tylko furniture is also extremely easy to assemble, even easier than IKEA furniture in fact. The shelves arrive with invisible connectors already built into the edges of each element which simply snap together…no tools are needed! Assembly instructions are provided in the personalised manual. The furniture can also be dismantled at a later date by simply sliding the pieces backwards. For safety reasons any piece of furniture over 100cm tall must be fixed to the wall using the iron brackets included.

You can see the whole process from customisation and ordering to delivery and assembly in the video at the end of the post.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

If you would like to see Tylko shelves in situ in real homes head on over to Ana Mum Diary where Amanda has used Tylko in her living room or over to Fabric of my Life where Kate has used it in her new home in Manchester. Oliva from Lust Living has also chosen Tylko for her living room, as has Niki from My Scandinavian Home. As you will see, Tylko’s custom built storage is a perfect way not only to store all your essential items but also to display those things that are important to you and bring your personality into your home.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

Exciting things are also in the pipeline for Tylko as they are working in collaboration with guest designers as well. World-renowned designer Yves Béhar has worked closely with the Tylko team as an investor and a design advisor since its very inception, and he has designed the Tylko Table which will be available shortly.

I’ve always thought that the perfect furniture design is adaptable to individual needs while following a specific design intent. The Tylko technology and user experience means one can create bespoke furniture pieces with individual preferences, while still getting a designer’s vision and direction

Yves Béhar, designer, entrepreneur and educator.

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

So, are you convinced yet? I was convinced the moment I heard about this innovate custom built storage concept. No more scouring the internet to find the perfect shelving unit that is XXcm wide or XXXcm high only to find that our requirements are not a standard size. Tylko allows you to design your storage to fit perfectly in your space. Just watch this video if you need further convincing!

I am delighted to let you know that Tylko has kindly offered me a £/€300 voucher to give away to one lucky Design Sheppard reader who would like to try out Tylko perfect-fit shelving for themselves. As usual just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck and don’t forget to tell all your friends about this fantastic giveaway!

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  1. Hazel Reply

    I have a sloping ceiling in my bedrokm which makes it hard to get furniture to fit so its perfect!!! Hazydayz72

  2. Alan Youngman Reply

    I would install them in my bedroom. They are simple in design but that’s what makes them so stylish. They can be configured to fit any space or storage needs.

  3. SUSAN L HALL Reply

    We are about to have a bathroom refurb there is a dead area between the Kitchen and bathroom ( bathroom is downstairs ) we are going to get this area shelved so this would be perfect for that

  4. Georgie Wright Reply

    I would install it in my sitting room. I like the fact they snap together so there’s no need for tools!

  5. Amy Dugdale Reply

    In the kitchen, I love its adaptability

  6. Oksana Fitzgerald Reply

    In the living room! I love it because it looks so great!!!

  7. Chris Fletcher Reply

    I’d put them in our lounge to make an interesting feature out of our book collection! I like the simple aesthetic of the end grain plywood, always looks good

  8. Diane Duggan Reply

    I would put it in my living room. I like that its easy to install and remove.

  9. HannahMary Reply

    My boys room really needs some better storage- keep thinking I’m not making the most of the space

  10. sharon martin Reply

    i’d use them under my stairs, i like that they are so adaptable/ flexible and that they’d fit almost anywhere

  11. Lucy Robinson Reply

    In my lounge. Love how stylish it all looks.

  12. Meryl Thomas Reply

    I would use it in the conservatory. It is modern, with clean lines – just right for my conservatory

  13. Alisa moore Reply

    I would love it in our studio and I like that it is so adaptable

  14. Christine Munro Reply

    This would be perfect for my pantry!

  15. Fiona jk42 Reply

    I would use it in my son’s basement studio / music room. He has lots of pedals, leads, and so on which need to be displayed properly so he can find what he needs without having to rummage around in storage boxes.

  16. Nicola Jordan Reply

    This would be great in the space under our stairs. It’s a great idea and looks really easy to adapt to any space. It would be ideal for our daughter’s toys!

  17. Kate Sabin-Burns Reply

    Under the stairs to put all the kids toys in

  18. chloe ellis Reply

    the living room – love it because it looks so adaptable

  19. ellie spider Reply

    I’d get it in my living room we have a slightly strange set up with 2 shallow alcoves either side of the chimney breast that regular shelving doesnt quite fit so we have gaps but having something fitted would be brilliant. I like the fact that this is made for different spaces rather than a one sizefits all

  20. Emma Davison Reply

    The living room. It would make a nice talking point and be really useful!

  21. Samantha Atherton Reply

    there’s a huge blank space in my dinning room that I can never decide what should go there, furniture or art? this would be a perfect solution. I also love that it’s quality that will last as I’ve had quite a few shelving systems from ikea in the past and they just start to fall apart after a few years.

  22. Lyn Geddes Reply

    I would use in my conservatory. I think the storage is great because it makes use of problem spaces

  23. Christine Hobbs Reply

    In the recess area of my lounge. I have wanted a shelf there for ages and these look modern and versatile

  24. CLARE GORST Reply

    I’d use these shelves in the alcoves either side of the chimney breast in my front room. I want something that fits exactly but apparently the spaces aren’t “standard” whatever that means! I think Tylko might be just what I’m looking for!

  25. Dawn F Reply

    I like the invisible connectors. I hate seeing the hardware on stuff too much. I would use these shelves in my office where all my extra ‘stuff’ has been waiting for years for shelving!

  26. Steve Miles Reply

    Under the stairs

  27. Dominique Ralf Reply

    In my daughters room, where space is limited and there is large void above the stairwell that impacts on her room and is currebtly wasted space. I love that this shelving system is so modern, yet classic looking. Very stylish.

  28. Gillian Holmes Reply

    Great you can fit it where you like, I need some shelving in my hall.

  29. Claire Bownds Reply

    Definitely under the stairs, we have so much wasted space but so much that needs putting away too! Maybe it’s time for a clear out? Haha! Good luck everyone x

  30. rosie Reply

    This would be great to make a custom sized unit for our tv and all hubby’s gadgets. I love that you can create whatever dimensions you need!

  31. Ioana Cristina Popescu Reply

    I would fit it in the living room and I really love the fact that you will not waste any space. I have so many objecta in the house and I always try to use all the space without making the house look crowded. This would definitely be great.

  32. Jade Wimsey Reply

    I’d put it in my spare room, I have space next to a bulkhead box which is pretty redundant at the mo!

  33. Samantha Sugden Reply

    I would have it under my stair case as its such a wasted space

  34. Suzanne Jackson Reply

    Looks good – none of our rooms and walls are conventional sizes so it’s always difficult to find furniture that fits

  35. Jayne Kelsall Reply

    I would build them under the stairway in my dining room .x

  36. Liv Lee Reply

    I love the concept as it’s really needed in the modern age. I’d use it under the stairs.

  37. Lynsey Harvey Reply

    this is fab. we just moved into our new house and have alot to do in it. i would use this in one of the bedrooms. i love the unique and modern style!

  38. Elizabeth Helen Reply

    Id like shelves in the lounge for books and toys.

  39. Serena La Pietra Reply

    I’d love to see this in my front room, filled with all my favourite nick knacks, as my collection grows I would be able to rearrange them all. Perfect.

  40. Adam Irwin Reply

    wud love to win this

  41. Leila Benhamida Reply

    I will fit it in my living room. Love the fact that we can be flexible with it.

  42. Erica Price Reply

    I love the idea of the flexibility – I have some awkward places to fill.

  43. Sheena Read Reply

    I would install this under my staircase because it looks like it could be adapted to fit anywhere.

  44. wendy moore Reply

    I’d install it in the space under the stairs. I love the system because of its versatility in awkward spaces.

  45. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    In the twins room, it is ideal and so versatile to store all of their “treasures”

  46. Mark Allen Reply

    I’m looking for a new flat so i don’t know what space I’ll have yet. What makes this so good is that i can quickly measure the space with my phone and get what i need.

  47. Lorna Wilson Reply

    I would love to use it for the space under the stairs!! A,azing idea!!

  48. Gwen Biviano Reply

    Perfect for under the stairs

  49. Victoria Easton Reply

    I have a dormer bungalow, this would work perfectly in one of the alcoves!

  50. Natalie Crossan Reply

    In the living room/office (well, what I soon hope to make an office!)

  51. Karen Lloyd Reply

    I would install this in our home office, I love that it can be changed and adapted for different needs.

  52. denise s Reply

    under the stairs to neaten that area and for controlled storage , love the fact that its easy to connect together, thats sometimes the hardest part of flat packs.

  53. Jade Reply

    Hey I would install the shelving in my bedroom as I like the idea that it looks neat and it forces you to have a tidy wardrobe lol

  54. Lynne OConnor Reply

    I’d put it in my son’s room to display his Lego creations. I love the flexibility to fit in any size space

  55. Rich Tyler Reply

    Be amazing for our 2nd bedroom,love the concept

  56. amanda greensmith Reply

    in my living room x

  57. Monika Bascombe Reply

    I’d install shelves in my daughters bedroom

  58. Alison Macdonald Reply

    Would love these for my kids playroom. Love the different combination choices

  59. helen maddock Reply

    my girls games room needs some shelving

  60. Adrian Bold Reply

    I love it because it looks so modern, and I’d use it in our office for more storage space.

  61. Clare MacDonald Reply

    In bedroom. It’s modern, fresh and bespoke

  62. Samantha R Reply

    We’ve just bought a flat and are wanting to set up an office, so shelving would be great in there. Love that it is custom and looks so modern.

  63. Laura Nice Reply

    I think possibly the living room or bedroom, I love that its so modern!

  64. Gill Colling Reply

    My craft area. I’m having a nightmare with trying to store my stash and make it available as I use it!, a 2 hour discussion this afternoon left me still without a solution!

  65. Victoria Buchanan Reply

    I would fit this into our boxroom to help with the vast number of books we have! I like that this can be made bespoke to fit a specific place.

  66. Tracey F Reply

    I’d have it in our living room so I could get rid of some really dated drawers and I love that it looks so modern and fresh!

  67. Donna Caldwell Reply

    I love that it suits any room and looks so modern

  68. Daniela Guitian-Tomlinson Reply

    Would love to with this voucher 😍🤞

  69. Rebecca Powell Reply

    I love these, such a clever concept – I love how they could fit in anywhere

  70. John Pickersgill Reply

    In the dining room – such an elegant storage solution!

  71. Carolyn E Reply

    These are so beautiful and so clever! If I win, they would take pride of place in my lounge.

  72. Karen Usher Reply

    Such a brilliant idea, about time someone came onto the market with this! I have a lack of room in most rooms to be honest lol. Would love something in the sitting room. I love that this can fit around you, and not the other way around!

  73. Sarah Lewis Reply

    I would install under the stairs and utilise that space.

  74. Ann MacLean-Fleming Reply

    I’d install this in my parents’ study…love how space saving it is…just what they need

  75. Daisy Belle Reply

    In our living room as we have just moved into a new home

  76. Daniel Austin Reply

    In my spare room – I love how flexible it is!

  77. Julia Mason Reply

    Under the stairs. Love the fact they waste no space & look great

  78. Mel Turner Reply

    I would store it in my sons bedroom his room is small and needs things put up out of the way

  79. Jenny Kakoudakis Reply

    What a great product introduction! I am personally liking the minimalistic aesthetics of the product and their manufacturing ethos, going for high quality materials while still making the end price affordable. Where I would use Tylko? Definitely in the Seasons Home office, keeping some of it as a display solution but mostly for storage purposes.

  80. Carol Boffey Reply

    in the living room

  81. Jenny Jones Reply

    I would love some for my bedroom as I do have rather alot of books

  82. janine atkin Reply

    id have it in the living room for my books. i love that you can fit it to any space

  83. Rachel Bonness Reply

    In the spare bedroom! It is looking very bare since we moved in there

  84. Georgia McAllister Reply

    I have the ideal space under the stairs. Currently it’s a hotchpotch of baskets and boxes so the Tylko system would be perfect to reorganise the area.

  85. JULIE WARD Reply

    In my front room when its been decorated, love that there would be somewhere to put the few little ornaments the grandchildren have bought me

  86. Sarah Parker Reply

    In the living room – I like the flexibility :)

  87. Cat Reply

    Use it in the dead space in the hall way to create a mini office/library , then my spare room can become a bedroom again.

  88. astrid c Reply

    this would be fab for my living room!! for toys, books etc… xx

  89. jamie Millard Reply

    Perfect for our media room and sitting room. Unusual shapes, sharp lines, great design.

  90. Lyndsey Bruce Reply

    I would use it in my spare room to help organise it better. I like that you can make it fit the available space.

  91. Colin Gault Reply

    In my bedroom

  92. Elaine Hollis Reply

    in my new bathroom in the loft asthe space needs filling

  93. Jenny Barker Reply

    In the toy room love that I can just fit in any space and not find something with the correct measurements :0)

  94. Marion Payne Reply

    In the lounge in my daughter’s small house as she really needs a stylish storage solutiion

  95. Marion Payne Reply

    In my daughter’s lounge she really needs a neat storage solution in her small house

  96. Joanna Orr Reply

    would love to gift this to my son and wife who’ve just moved house and are gradually furnishing it and making it homely!

  97. David Pithie Reply

    In the small bedroom/office/glory hole up the stairs it is a challenge that Tylko would be more than a match for.

  98. Elizabeth Smith Reply

    I desperately need storage in the hall so it will go there. I love the fact it is so versatile, I could move it to other rooms in the future

  99. Cecily-Daisy Zorab Reply

    Our new house doesn’t have a cupboard under the stairs so we have this awkward open space. This type of system would be perfect as we could design it to fit our space! So cool !!

  100. Andreia Silva Reply

    i would put it on my leaving room.always trying to maximize space

  101. Andreia Silva Reply

    amazing prize :)

  102. Rosemary Tily Reply

    I would love to use them to help my daughter prepare a room for her new baby’s nursery. Their use would vary over the years from initially as a home for a teddy bear to being full of books and files for college. Always so useful!

  103. Lori Darling Reply

    I would put these under my openplan stairs as there is so much wasted space under there

  104. sheri Darby Reply

    In my son’s room, his shelves just fell off the wall

  105. Susan Hoggett Reply

    I’d put them in my bedroom, I love the concept they look great!

  106. Michelle Murray Reply

    In my kitchen – love the designs

  107. Pamela Gossage Reply

    We have a large Landing and this would be great to put there. I love its simple lines

  108. charlotte Reply

    in our computer room for storage! i love that it can be put literally anywhere

  109. Sadiyya Maryam Reply

    In the living room because it looks contemporary and is a stylish and versatile storage solution.

  110. Susan B Reply

    I need storage in my living room so it would go in there very nicely. I love the instant appeal of the modern and and different look.

  111. Gayatri Gogoi Reply

    I’d install it in my bedroom. I like how you can customise it to complement any room

  112. Sarah A Reply

    I love how stylish they are. Would be perfect for my study, as it’s a small, awkwardly shaped room. This would really optimize what space we have.

  113. lorraine kirk Reply

    I like the complete versatility, I would install it in our office space.

  114. Emma Gibson Reply

    Id have it in my bedroom as it has some odd angles to contend with and this product is just for that.

  115. Rebecca Howells (@Regrash7) Reply

    In my study for all the bits and pieces

  116. Milly Youngman Reply

    These would be fab in the living room for displaying all my books!

  117. Mary H Reply

    I would put it in our home office room.I really like that you can fit it into any shape place.

  118. Liam Bishop Reply

    It’s very stylish and modern! Great style. I’d fit this in my study, always in need of more storage in there and it’s a strange shape.

  119. Lynn Neal Reply

    I would have Tylko shelving in my living room because I love the contemporary look and the fantastic quality!

  120. Alastair Gillespie Reply

    Living room for all my CDs

  121. Lorna s Reply

    Would love something custom made for our garage conversion

  122. Alex Brownlee Reply

    in my cupboard, i love how it maximises space in unconventional shapes

  123. Rhia P Reply

    Not sure where I’d put these… we have whole walls of old, shabby ikea ‘billy’ bookcases (shudder!) crammed with books and record. I also have a cabinet which is books on the bottom with old teacups etc behind glass doors at the top.
    How I’d love to get rid of the ubiquitous Billys and have my vintage treasures interspersed with the wall of books..

    THOUGH having said all that, we have a small bookcase and shelf acting as a ‘larder’under the stairs, which is a bit makeshift use of an otherwise wasted space- would be great to maximise it with some custom shelving!
    Many thanks

  124. Joanna Ford Reply

    I would definitely have it under the stairs to make more use of that space

  125. amanda w Reply

    id fit this into my newly decorated dining room! its so unique and i love it!

  126. Caroline Cordery Reply

    I’d put some under the high sleeper beds in the kids’ rooms, and I’d like to be able to design some with my daughter’s baby dolls’ sleeping stations in mind! She wants mini bedrooms made of shelves!

  127. Alison Burns Reply

    Would love this unit for my sons bedroom, perfect way to keep things Tidy!

  128. melanie stirling Reply

    I would put it in our bedroom.I really like that you can fit it into any shape place,

  129. Julie Reply

    I’d have it in my son’s room, i love that it’s so modern.

  130. Sally-Anne Scrivener Reply

    I’m actually obsessed with storage as I collect too many things! Anything that makes use of all available space is perfect for me!

  131. Naila M Reply

    This is awesome I would love to put this in my bedroom, love the design too :)

  132. jen jackson Reply

    The fact its custom made – we have funny shaped rooms so this would be perfect

  133. clara Reply

    In my spare bedroom and love that it’s so stylish and funky

  134. Marilyn farquharson Reply

    I’d put it in our office, we have so much to store in there! I love the concept that its adaptable so i can adjust it later!

  135. Kathryn Cox Reply

    The huge cupboard under the stairs

  136. Kristy Brown Reply

    I would love to use it in our understairs Harry Potter room as it’s huge but we can not find any furniture that is suitable for it

  137. charlotte Reply

    I have a tiny wonky old house – nothing off the shelf (no pun intended) fits! I love the idea of being able to get something that will actually work for me. I am desperate for more kitchen storage.

  138. Ben Audsley Reply

    it can fit virtually anywhere!

  139. kimberley Reply

    I would install either in the wasted space under the stairs or in the office/games room. I love that they are designed to fit any space, whilst looking modern and stylish

  140. Janice Reply

    I would put shelving in my bedroom

  141. Paul Johnston Reply

    Either under the stairs, in the utility room or as an addition to current shelving in the mancave. Love its flexibility and versatility

  142. Faye Reply

    This shelving is great because it’s so adaptable – I would use it in my bedroom, for plants and books

  143. Mike Cambridge Reply

    My house has plenty of awkward nooks and crannies, but I think I would install some Tylko shelving at the top of the stairs to hold all my books.

  144. HAYLEY PAYTON Reply

    my little girld room its such a funny shape with sloping roof its so hard to get anything to fir this is perfect

  145. leanne weir Reply

    I would have it under my stairs

  146. Darren Reply

    In our sons bedroom to display his lego as it looks like a very flexible option that will give us some great options.

  147. Julie Wilson Reply

    I would place it in my lounge. I like the versatility of product and how I could make it work for my needs.

  148. Zoey P Reply

    Under reg stairs so it looks neat and tidy. Love the concept and looks modern

  149. Maria Blythin Reply

    i think its brilliant i would love it under my stairs as i have very little storage in my home x

  150. aj Reply

    Love the style and would be great for the living room

  151. Karen Scammell Reply

    my spare room, because it is so flexible and unique

  152. Layla Thomas Reply

    This would be perfect for my son’s room. Our bedrooms are in the attic and with the sloped walls it’s hard to find shelves to fit.

  153. Debby Reply

    I would install Tylko shelving into our living room to go along the back wall and round the corner. I like the flexibility of the concept and that the unit would accommodate some special books and other items, including a few bits I got from my late nan. It would be nice to have custom-designed shelving that fits the space perfectly and each part the perfect size for the books/items, with doors to keep some things safely behind.

  154. Sarah m Reply

    I would install it under my staircase which cuts a lot into my living room and leaves a big section unusable.

  155. Sinead ORourke Reply

    I would have it in my hallway to the side of my stairs it would fit perfectly and it be stunning.

  156. Laura Chapman Reply

    This would be perfect for the bottom of our stairs that is full of junk and rubbish! I love the concept because it is built to fit into your space so there’s no gaps or wasted space.

  157. Edward Guerreiro Reply

    I would set it up in the nursery. I love that with this, we can fill the odd space in that room with storage.

  158. claire glace Reply

    My sons small bedroom, he is struggling to maximise space, I love the sharp lines and minimal look, many thanks …..

  159. DementedDobby Reply

    I’d love this for my living room. Our entire house is lacking in storage space but the living room has an awkward layout meaning there are few places anything can go. The fact this is custom made is perfect as we could work around the space we have.

  160. Rebecca Brown Reply

    I’d go for something to suit the awkward niche in our kitchen

  161. Angela Treadway Reply

    i would put in my living room x

  162. EMMA RICHES Reply

    I love these storage ideas, I would use it under the stairs to create a very useable storage area

  163. katie w Reply

    I would put in my living room as needs more storage

  164. Emily Kerner Reply

    I would definitely love this for my living room, it would be perfect for all our books and ornaments. I love that the design of the shelves is very sleek and modern

  165. Lyndsey Reply

    This would be perfect for our loft, I love the designs

  166. iain maciver Reply

    could put this in a few places to help organize things better

  167. Kathy Cakebread Reply

    it would be great for our living room

  168. Hilda Wright Reply

    I’d put it in my lounge. I love the idea that it can be used in so many different ways and unlike a standard bookshelf it will fit huge art books and ornaments beautifully as well!

  169. MANDY DOHERTY Reply

    I’d use it in my bedroom

  170. Lorraine Tinsley Reply

    I think for my bedroom as the wardrobe is not user friendly, it’s too marrow for a normal hanger. I like that I can custom the storage to my needs.

  171. Rob Griffiths Reply

    In my bedroom, and I like the versatility best

  172. clair downham Reply

    for my daughters room as she needs more storage and love how funky it is

  173. laura banks Reply

    it would be great for under our stairs

  174. jo liddement Reply

    Love the fact that this shelving fits into any space and they would be perfect for the space under my stairs which is open and i can put up some bookshelves.

  175. Tony Metcalfe Reply

    I’d put it in the spare bedroom, seems very adaptable and stylish as well.

  176. frances hopkins Reply

    Would be perfect for my hallway


    The spare bedroom – it would work really well in making the room tidier and multi-functional

  178. Michelle Butler Reply

    Hoping to be moving soon the house two open staircases and a loft room we would have multiple uses for your designs. I love the simplicity of design matched with the opportunity to customize exactly to your own space

  179. Jacqui Graham Reply

    I would use these in my unused loft bedroom, to store all of my precious things, put them in order and make the room in to a lovely space and put in a bed and wardrobe for when my nephew comes to stay.

  180. Robert Greef Reply

    Would be perfect for organising our office, which is still a pile of packing crates three years after moving in

  181. Marleen Reply

    Perfect for finally organizing my hallway!

  182. Brenda M Reply

    This would be perfect for our living room come dining room. It is an L shaped room and this shelving would be perfect by our dining table to add some interest to that part of the room, as well as act as some storage & shelving for plates, glasses etc

  183. Mr C Reply

    I’d use it in my living room. I like how it’s so practical, adaptable but stylish.

  184. Louise Clarke Reply

    I would put them in my spare room which i am making into a dressing room and display all my handbags

  185. Lyn Burgess Reply

    I’d use it in my spare bedroom. I really like it’s adaptability, it can fit into all sorts of spaces

  186. Denfor Hopkins Reply

    In my living room; this product would make the most of my wall space.

  187. Denfor Hopkins Reply

    In the living room; this product would be great to make the most of my wall space.

  188. Caroline H Reply

    My spare room. It needs to house a number of uses and is an awkward space so clever storage is a must to turn it in to something useful rather than a big cupboard!

  189. Sonya Reply

    Thankfully, my awkward bits can now get sorted!

  190. john prendergast Reply

    in the living room it is very stylish

  191. Monica Gilbert Reply

    I love how versatile it seems, especially in our small house. There are a couple of places I’d consider using it. One is right next to our steps, which might help organize our narrow entryway hall. The other is in a little alcove behind my daughter’s bedroom door. It’s a space I can’t figure out how to utilize.

  192. KarenH Reply

    I love the way that it can be designed for any space. Lots of houses have quirky alcoves and these are just perfect. I would use the shelving in my daughters room. She would love the funky design

  193. Solange Reply

    I would install Tylko shelving in the living room and I like that’s it modern, stylish and versatile.

  194. Maria hackett Reply

    I would put these in my toddler twins bedroom. Love the fact that they are versatile and stylish!

  195. Trish Reply

    I have never ever ever ever been able to organise under the stairs. Shelves failed. Hooks failed. Storage boxes failed. Clutter free totally failed! But I think these could really solve the problem AND look great!

  196. Alica Reply

    I would kit out under my stairs in the hallway they are so stylish and sleek!

  197. Karen Barrett Reply

    The Family room and I like the versatility

  198. Maggie Coates Reply

    I would put it in my son’s bedroom – so versatile.

  199. Sarah Mackay Reply

    I would put them in the living room and love the versatility

  200. Charlotte Pashley-Foy Reply

    I am hoping to win this for my new house so don’t exactly know where it would go yet! But I love that it is completely buildable and adaptable to your own space, such a lifesaver!

  201. Sharon Saunders Reply

    I’d love this in my living room becuase we have literally no storage but we are limited on space.

  202. Ashleigh Allan Reply

    In the playroom. I love it’s adjustable

  203. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Id love bespoke shelving for below my staircase – seems pointless having such an open space
    Would be amazing

  204. Suzanne McCusker Reply

    I soon plan on furnishing my home office/workroom/walk in wardrobe, so they would be perfect for a miriad of functions in there, also both funky and flexible – quite brilliant.

  205. ruth roberts Reply


  206. Zoe C Reply

    That it is adjustable so can be adapted at a later date and also that it easily goes together, plus can fit in those awkward shaped cubby holes

  207. Karen hutchinson Reply

    The lounge – love that you can build to how you want it

  208. Laura Pritchard Reply

    I’d fit this under our stairs as we have a ‘dead’ space which only has boxes of shoes & bags – it would look so much better & be a much more functional area with this! I love how simple & adaptable the design is!

  209. Clare H Reply

    I love how it fits! I’d love it under the stairs

  210. Sandra Fortune Reply

    In my hallway as things get put in there. Great space saving shelves

  211. Suzanne Reply

    Under the stairs would be ideal as this is where I currently keep my book collection, which needs to be organised properly. I love the design and versatility of this concept.

  212. Kate Sutton Reply

    Tidy bedroom

  213. Helen Best Reply

    Perfect for my hall to brighten it up

  214. Nathan Reply

    This would go in my office, which is a mess- this on the other hand looks stylish and functional!

  215. Denise Davies Reply

    Living room needs some funky storage

  216. Annabel Greaves Reply

    It would be perfect for the study, the design is stylish, compact and functional

  217. Victoria Thurgood Reply

    In my daughter’s room

  218. Jacqueline Parker Reply

    I’d install it in my son’s bedroom as there isn’t enough storage space for his needs. I I love that there are no tools needed and you can design it to fit your space.

  219. Debbie W Reply

    I’m not sure- I could do with it in the living room, the hall, even our bedroom or the kitchen! I love the wonderful, simple designs and great storage as well as how versatile it is.

  220. Marysia Trembecka Reply

    Both fabulous and functional – would have in my lounge

  221. pljonesey Reply

    in my lounge – I like the versatility of it

  222. Lea Mavin Reply

    I would put it in a small recess in my living room. We have never found a shelving unit that fits so at the moment this is just wasted space. I love that you can virtually see what your design will look like.

  223. Graham Ross Reply

    In the living room! It looks so versatile

  224. Catherine Barton Reply

    No tools needed……brilliant! I would love some shelving like this under the stairs

  225. Bob Clark Reply

    my “office” aka spare room – love the flexibility

  226. Martina Pichova Reply

    I would love it to fit in my daughter’s small bedroom where we are running out of storage space. I like how customable it is.

  227. Robert Noble Reply

    I think they would look great in the living room.

  228. EMMA WALTERS Reply

    we have an alcove in our hallway this would be perfect for

  229. Fiona Timms Reply

    in the living room, i like that it adapts to any space

  230. Mark Andrews Reply

    My girlfriend and I are finally going to get a place of our own soon and we’d love to have this in the living room. It’ll be the first time we can enjoy the comfort of our own home and personalise in the way we want. I love the idea of using modern technology and algorithms to work out the shape and size but still use elements of human interaction which I think is key to the future of home design.


    In the bedroom, Keep everything tidy and tucked away out of site

  232. Paul Mellor Reply

    Under the stairs for me
    I like the way it should fit everywhere

  233. Ms C Bryan Reply

    In the living room, I like the fact that it adapts to your space

  234. MM Reply

    I would use it in my sons bedroom as it has a few irregular features. I think that this would work very well.

  235. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    I would install it in our den. I like the concept of it fitting anywhere.

  236. Phil Darling Reply

    Under the stairs for us – its always where everyhtning gets put

  237. Paul Green Reply

    In the living room! I love that they can be to my own needs and specifications.

  238. Kelly Glen Reply

    This would be ideal in the spare bedroom to clear up some of the clutter.

  239. LAURA MILTON Reply

    I would put this up in my kids play room, i love the simplicity and looks like a great space saver!

  240. Susan Smith Reply

    I would use it in my craft room, love the shelving because it can be fitted anywhere and its nice and compact

  241. Amandeep Sibia Reply

    We’d use it in the utility room. It looks modern and sophisticated.

  242. Barbara Daniels Reply

    they are completely stylish, funky and yet simple concept. The stairs shelf would go in my bedroom

  243. Jo Young Reply

    I would probably choose my awkward under stairs space as it looks so adaptable.

  244. Louise Reeks Reply

    I would put it in my hallway, Has so much space for all my ornaments to go

  245. Dee Dmonte Reply

    This would be perfect to have tailor-made for the awkward spaces in my craft room. Love the versatility of it.

  246. Heather Haigh Reply

    In the spare bedroom which is going to be my crafting room. Love the adjustability so no space is wasted.

  247. Bev Reply

    In the living room alcove! I love that they can be to my own needs and specifications.

  248. pete c Reply

    its flexibility looks great and it would be used in a spare bedroom

  249. Katie Reply

    I’d put them in our office. We’ve struggled to get shelving to fit as it’s a small space, so this would be ideal. I love this concept!

  250. Mirjana Reply

    I love design and simplicity. I would love to install it in my living room. This would be fantastic prize for my new home :)

  251. Ruth Ryan Reply

    I would love these for my hallway 😊

  252. Ren Taylor Reply

    I love this … I am half Polish and I really like Polish design … I would put these in my hall which is an awkward shape!

  253. Fiona King Reply

    I would install it in my lounge, along the back wall near the kitchenette

  254. simon tutthill Reply

    it would be used in the bedroom a it would fit in very nicely

    • Avs Reply

      My hall is crying out for storage.

  255. Daniel Harrison Reply

    My office and bedroom could both do with new shelving!

  256. Kim Neville Reply

    We need some nice shelving in our lounge and I like the modern design that can fit different sizes

  257. Joo Dee Reply

    like the style would be ideal for our old house with its odd spaces!

  258. Frances H Reply

    We need some shelving for our growing magazine subscriptions. It would be great to adjust the height of the shelves so there’s no wasted space.

  259. Amanda tanner Reply

    Maybe under the stairs Sam it’s such a waisted space with loads of potential I love that it can be fitted into an any area or space.

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