Who loves a Posh Shed?

The Posh Shed Company -Contemporary Shed
The Posh Shed Company – Contemporary Shed

So I have been super busy the past few weeks. After completing our decking last year and doing a bit of a nautical garden makeover, we have upped tools again this year to continue with the work. We have a brick outbuilding/shed in the garden which sits directly behind the decking and I’m the first to admit it was an absolute eyesore. It hadn’t been painted in many, many years and the paint was flaking off badly.

There were areas where the rendering had completely blown and was coming off in chunks and the paint on the door was peeling off badly. The whole shed just looked a mess and given its position right next to the decking it was really letting the side down. So this summer I got fed up of looking at it and decided it was time to get to work. I spent a good few evenings scraping off the flaky paint, knocking off the blown render and generally preparing it for a good lick of fresh new paint.

It has taken soooooooo much longer than I thought. But I’m happy to report we are nearly done. We now have a brilliant white shed with a deep blue door and window. I wanted to continue the nautical theme and introduce some Santorini vibes. It looks a million times better now.

We’re about to embark on a second shed project as well. We have a large storage space under the stairs up to our flat which we are about to convert into a utility/laundry room. We’ve had an electrician in already and next week the plumber arrives so by the end of July we’ll be able to move the washing machine and tumble dryer out of the kitchen and downstairs. This will free up some much needed space in our tiny kitchen and means that I will finally have space for a dishwasher. (I’m so excited about this!!!!)

If we have time this summer we will attempt to get some proper flooring put down, tile and paint the room and get some kind of storage system in place, but I’m not putting too much pressure on us to get this done. So needless to say sheds have been on my mind a lot recently.

One thing I’d like to consider at some point is also erecting a summer house (I know, how many sheds does one family need?) at the bottom of the garden. I’m not sure if we’ll ever go down that route or whether that would be one shed too many, but I really like the idea of having somewhere close to home that I could go to write and blog without all the interruptions. So as usual my head has been spinning while I look at all the options out there and day dream about my future blogging pod.

One discovery I made on Twitter (I do love how many cool companies I come across on Twitter!!) is The Posh Shed Company. Who knew that sheds could be so damn posh. This company has the most amazing selection of sheds, and not only that, they also do backdoor stores, boot stores and garden accessories like planters and bird houses.  They even do a smoke house, which Mr Design Sheppard would absolutely love.

Today I wanted to share some of these amazingly posh sheds with you.

The Posh Shed Company -Gardener Shed -Three Module with Shelving
The Posh Shed Company -Gardener Shed -Three Module with Shelving

All the sheds are handmade to order and many come in three different build options : posh, very posh and unbelievably posh. This gives you greater control over the specification of your shed and allows you to make certain upgrades depending on what the shed will be used for. For example, all models are made from treated timber but you can opt to go fully insulated, add guttering, install double glazing, or add a solar panel .

They also come with optional internal extras such as shelves, benches, cupboards and tool racks.

The Posh Shed Company -Gardener Shed - Single Module
The Posh Shed Company -Gardener Shed – Single Module

If i were to choose one for a blogging shed I’d probably go with the contemporary shed pictured at the top of this post. I really like the little roof windows and think that they would let in a bit more light which would be important for me. But there really are options for everyone. Simply need a little extra space to store your garden tools? No problem. Want to create a crafting hideaway? They’ve got you covered. Need a potting shed and log store? They do that too.

Many of the sheds are also available in a multitude of sizes so you can pick one that best fits the space you have available.

The Posh Shed Company -Southwold Shed
The Posh Shed Company -Southwold Shed


The Posh Shed Company - Gothic Shed
The Posh Shed Company – Gothic Shed


The Posh Shed Company - Chelsea Shed
The Posh Shed Company – Chelsea Shed


The Posh Shed Company - Chelsea Shed - Side View
The Posh Shed Company – Chelsea Shed – Side View


The Posh Shed Company -Anderson Shed
The Posh Shed Company – Chelsea Shed – Side View

What do you guys reckon to a posh shed? Would you like one at the bottom of your garden? And what would you use it for?

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  • Wow Stacey – wish I hadn’t seen this Blog – I am definitely feeling Shed envy ! Still, given me some inspiration to give my old relic a coat of tasteful Cotswold Green.

  • Oh my goodness, those sheds are gorgeous! We’ve got a very ordinary looking one – it’s practical enough, but I love the look of all of these – especially with the wood storage which is both a handy and stylish feature! Thanks for sharing x

  • My current shed is too big and the space is not used properly. Sometimes I dream about turning into an actual mini guest room with heating, etc. But there’s really no need. But in a few years when it needs replacing I’ll definitely check posher options like these. By the way, excited about the dishwasher! Such a small thing but makes life so much easier.

  • Wow you have been busy! That exciting about your plans to make room for a dishwasher. Best thing we did was have a summer house (posh shed) everyone uses it for different reasons. Love the contemporary one too!

  • Loving the sound of all your plans and what a good idea to convert space into a utility room! We inherited a shed and it’s ‘fine’ but it’s not as special as the ones you’ve shown here… would love to replace it with something a little bigger so will definitely have a good look at Posh Sheds :) xx